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Ok so theres a couple of writeups but i had some questions about them. hopefully this will answer some. FORGIVE ME FOR NOT TAKING PICTURES OF EVERYTHING!!! This isnt a guide for dum-dums its a guide for people who can figure the easy stuff out themselfs!!
What you need:
-Toothbrush?? (i used an old one to clean out some parts better... namely EGR valve bottom side)
-Some type of pipe cleaning device (metal center with brushes on outside? i used something i found at home depot but no one was any help. they suck)
-Screw that can go through plugs
-AIR!!! (compressed and ready to blow out HARD)
-New Plugs
-Caruburator or Brake Cleaner (OIL BASED CLEANERS)
-10 and 12 socket... i believe? don't remember which ones go where... but thats the easy part.


Lots of time. Don't plan on doing this at 1pm if u wanna go out with ur buddies at 2 or have lunch scheduled with ur gf at 3. If you start at 1pm you'll be done by like 5pm if you take ur time to clean everything right and let dry.

STEP 1: Identify the parts!!!

That is a picture of where you'll be dealing with. just between the intake manifold and the fuel rail is your EGR Ports. To the left is the Valve and on your intake manifold is the IACV.

Those are the Ports. (Pic shows the plugs out already... just to show u where they are.)

That is your Fuel Pressure Regulator. Before unbolting this - open your gas cap to relieve pressure so you don't sputter gas everywhere. It'll prolly still spill some.

That's your EGR Valve. It's found to the left of the plugs and held on by 2 bolts. they're kinda tricky and try not to strip them (they use 10mm socket i believe..)

that's the bottom of the EGR valve. spray like you've never sprayed before and clean it well.

New plug.

Old plugs. (dirty bitches)

IACV - Intake air control valve.

Ok that's enough. Anywhos lets get started.

Step 2: Get outta the way IACV and FPR
Unbolt your EGR Valve, IACV, Fuel pressure regulator... Get EVERYTHING out of the way.

-Get that FPR outta the way using a 10mm socket (again i believe) on it after you opened your gas cap to reduce the gas geyser.
*i forgot to do this and i spilled enough gas to drown in.

-Your IACV is bolted on by 2 bolts to your intake manifold. It has 2 lines under it. one will leek radiator coolant like crazy. the other i believe is just a vaccum air hose. or return hose. either way.
-Unbolt it with a size 10 socket (i believe) and move the hoses out of the way.
-Unscrew the 2 screws holding the little gold bottom on. There's a gasket in there!
-Then Place your IACV on a piece of newspaper or whatever on the floor with its bolts. Don't lose it.
-*You may wanna see if you can buy a gasket at honda its prolly cheap and if you get carb cleaner on your gasket it will expand like nuts and won't go back in. (it was either that or the hot weather... prolly the 1st cuz i put it in the freezer and it didnt shrink... it was HELL getting it back in!!)
-Ok now that's the IACV out of the way.

Step 3: Removing your EGR Valve.

The hole on the left (first pic) next to the hose is where your EGR valve goes. You can see where it is in reference to the port plugs and holes where the IACV used to plug in.
-Unplug the connector
-Unclamp the hose
-Have fun trying to get the bolts off with a 10mm socket (or 12? Maybe its an 11?) When i say have fun i mean theres shit all up in the way. it sucks! unless u have some decent nifty tools which i lack.
-Set it aside with the nuts on a different sheet of newspaper than the IACV (or wherever you wanna put it..)

Step 4: PLUGS!
*WARNING* - If you are not nifty, crafty, an/or both with a drill and screw, please get some help from someone who is.

i bent it :(
-Drill through the plugs as best you can. make a hole big enough for your screw to go in each plug as you'll use the screw to remove them. (at least i did cuz no one in the world has or knows what a slide hammer is)
-Place your screw in the hole and Drill through it so its nice and in there and tight yet you have enough room to stick the back end of a hammer under it to pull the plug out.
-What i did was put a towel under the front of the hammer (folded several times) to not scratch or bend anything there... and i used the back of the hammer to pry the plugs off.
-Remove plugs as best you can. all 6!! (the 2 on the inside are such BITCHES... hard to get to cuz of the fuel rail)

*note: this will take quite some time*

Step 5: Cleaning part 1
-Spray away with brake cleaner or carb cleaner at all the pieces you want. Namely the bottom of the EGR valve (fill that sucker with carb cleaner and let it sit for a while) and the bottom of the IACV... where the holes are.
-Spray some more
-Rub some
-Spray some more
-Go buy new can of carb cleaner (i didn't have to cuz i bought 2 but i'm an over-sprayer. i over-do everything. you can prolly do the whole clean with 1)
-Spray and rub more
-Soak and let it sit there for a while to loosen shit up

-Go to your ports that are now open and spray a lot of air in there. (i have a compressor so i sprayed the shit outta them.) Try not to do this in the garage cuz shit flies EVERYWHERE!!!
*i put newspaper on top of my hand covering the other ports so all the shit that flew up didnt go everywhere.
-Spray air through each hole for about 10-15 secs and then back again and again. clean as best you can before using carb cleaner.
-Now use the little straw atached to the carb can and soak the shit outta the holes. Don't be afraid to spray it everywhere... it'll come out! trust me...
-Soak soak soak
-Spray some more air if you like (put newspaper up to block the ports because you WILL spray carb cleaner and dirt everywhere)
-Use your pipe cleaning device to clean the ports as best you can. My ports were almost completely clogged. there was alotta shit in there.

Step 6: Cleaning Part 2
-Repeat step 5... OVER AND OVER like 2-3 times. i did it like 3.
I'm an overacheiver. I went and cleaned everything all over and brushed and cleaned the ports REALLY well and brushed some mroe and sprayed carb cleaner till my car almost drowned. I made sure i cleaned very well...

Step 7: Waiting
-Select the best movie film (i watched like half of borat)
to enjoy while your parts dry out. I waited about an hour to be safe.

Step 8: AIR!!!
Now that everythings pretty clean... SPRAY AIRRR allll over everything you drenched in carb cleaner. inside the IACV, the EGR Ports... the EGR valve... everywhere!!!
AIRRRR and more AIRRR to ensure a nice dry finish.
I sprayed a lot and a lot

- Wait a couple mins and spray more air. make sure EVERYTHING is dry and back the way it was

Step 9: Reconstruction
-Find a way to put the new plugs in!!! alotta people say use loctite but if you know some physics... the plugs are PLUGS for a reason... they PLUG the hole and are very hard to actually fit in they are exact fits so.... i didn't even bother with sealant as they ARE the sealant.
*What i did was i got a HUGE screw that had a flat head on it slightly bigger than the plugs... and placed the plugs in... put the flat end on top of the plugs and gently hammered them in...
**Note: if you know any type of plugs physics you'll know that you should apply pressure to the entire top equally to ensure the plug goes in straight. i bought 12 plugs to make sure i had enough to fuck up once for every plug or 5 times on one. but i didn't fuck any up so i have 6 extras. just enough to do my gfs car.
-Have fun. this is gonna be a pain in the ass. Bring a funny friend to entertain you while you're pissed

-Put your IACV back together (hopefully the gasket still fits) make sure u put the gasket and the gold piece back on. screw everything nice and snugly not overtightened!
-Put your EGR Valve back on
-Put your IACV back on
-Put your FPR back on
-Plug the connector to the EGR valve and the hose to the top
-Plug the hoses to the IACV (they are pretty much bent how they go in. if you mess them up you're an idiot)
-Plug and screw
-Plug and screw some more
-Tighten but not too much
-Have some fun

Step 10: wtf is wrong with my car??

-After everything is placed rightfully so...
-Turn your car on and let it sit there idling for about 10-15 mins.
IT WILL RUN LIKE SHIT!!! and puff little clouds of white smoke out the back. it'll sound like shit, run like shit... etc.
-Let it run a while then take it out nice and slow
-Drive around nice and slow... it'll still drive shitty for like 30 mins.
-After that everythings clear and clean enjoy!!!

-Rep points if you liked, comments if you disliked.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
This is a decent contribution to those of you with CEL on saying insufficient EGR flow.

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Nice write up man, I have been looking for something better than the other one that we have on the site. This is one of the last things that I should perform on my car in terms of maintenance. But I don't have a drill or compressed air haha. Maybe Advanced Auto rents out compressors... hmmm...

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very nice, i might do this when i some time off from work. like 6E said where did you get the plugs?

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i actually had to have "thaiswirls" from here send me the plugs cuz my stupid honda dealership swears they don't come seperate.
the ones he sent me are diff. than the ones that were in there but they work the same... they're a lil deep.
i payed him the $6 and change for 12 plugs and tossed in $5 extra for going through the trouble for me.
but keep in mind you only need 6. (i'd still order 8 to be safe)

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ahh... ok damn. Yeah my honda dealer claims the plugs don't have a part number. I almost did this a month ago and had to check.

The plugs cover the EGR ports on the intake manifold runners.

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great write up man. i like this write up better than the other one. thanks for plugging my name tee hee

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Why does the car run like crap for about 30 minutes after this procedure?
it has to burn off all that carb cleaner and crap. but once its all burned up the car will run fine!

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Anyone know what size drill bit/screw is recommended for this process?
i dont' remember the size of the bit i used when i did this. when i did it i just used a bit big enough to drill a hole a little smaller then my self tapping screw for my slide hammer. then yanked that bitch outta there. also i used vacciline on the bit to catch the shavings.
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