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I’m trying to “replace” the switch that controls the parking lights and main headlights on my 91 Prelude with something like a rocker or toggle switch. The switch (knob/twist thing) on the combination light switch has stopped working to actuate any of the lights for driving, and I’d rather not get into how it stopped working as of right now. I’m not trying to get rid of the combination light switch, but I wanted to know if adding this new switch is as simple as wiring to “plug” in the right “pins” or something like through the old harness from the combination light switch. If that could be the case, I’d like to get an idea of which wire goes into which. I have a feeling there’s more than that, though. I guess I’ll have to deal with wiring through a relay, with the battery, a ground and fuse or something like that. I haven’t done enough research, but I’d like to get some help here. Maybe diagrams and suggestions to what works best (legit and safe way) is what I’m looking for. I’m opened to “cheaper” ways as well. As long as I can get my headlights to stay on when I want it?

I think I want to get one of these switches:

Let me know if I need anything more such as gauge wires, fuse taps, or something!

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