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Yup :)

So I bought me a corrado. It was a g60. Had a vr6 in it before I bought it but I just bought the shell since he wanted to keep the drive train. And I already have a motor to go in it.

I'm deploying next Tuesday for 6+ months but ill be buying parts while I'm gone so I can get started when I get back. I'll keep you guys posted as things change. Here's some pictures in the meantime from when I got it from NC. Two weeks ago.

So i bought this C as a shell about 2 weeks before i deployed for $1200. Nothing crazy done. decent exterior, black leather interior in good shape. with a passat moonroof conversion started, custom fitted thermal catback, oem wheels w/ coilovers.

ive been given a short block 12v. vr6 that was previously running high 11's in the old owners gti. but im not betting on the C doing that for me. Im peicing everything togeather slowly to build it right.

It'll be getting a few things internally to strengthen up typical failure components. maybe a PnP head. ill be porting the stock manifold upper section for a bit more flow and making my own ramhorn style manifold from there to mount my Holset Hx35. i already have a few parts left over from a previous boost build i was working on. so we'll see what can be recycled and go from there but ill basically be doing all the piping myself with a good deal of help from my buddy.

So while I acquire everything ive just been reading up on the hot **** to blow money on.
so heres where ive started.

Engine & Trans:
2.8L mk3 - VR6
Lugtronic Standalone ECU
Lugtronic CE2 P&P custom engine harness
4 Bar Map Sensor
Wideband 02 sensor w. ecu direct connect
Boost Solenoid
Techtonics 268 vr6 cams
Obd1 tb.
Custom SMS log intake manifold with fuel rail and lines
Thermolic spacer for head to intake manifold
Schimmel 12v plug wires
Schimmel performance billet oil filter housing & turbo oil feed port.
Samco coolant hose and clamp kit
BFi Stage 1 mount kit
BFi Coolant kit (coolant necks, gaskets, thermostat)
O2a vr6 Trans. 109k. On it
Peloquin O2A LSD
Stage 4 clutch kit from clutchnet
Aluminum flywheel from clutchnet.
Mishimoto Oil Cooler kit (19 Row)
New VR6 radiator.
Gruvenparts.....All the Billet schtuffs....
Aux. waterpump bracket
Hood cable clip
Radiator neck - corrado
Coolant Y pipe
Vr6 fuel line brackets
Gruvenparts Short shifter bracket kit
Gruvenparts Stainless steel Shifter block
Gruvenparts- Tensioner, Alt, Water pump, p/s pump & crank pulleys...

Mandrel Bent Solutions 3" SS exhaust.
Inline fuel pump brackets and accessories
Vr6 harness complete (passat)
Vr6 fuse box
Vr6 ecu
new *working* hood release cable
3x 1 liter gear oil.
Redline MT-90 trans fluid x2
Motul 8100 Xcess synthetic Oil. 10 qts.
Assorted vacuum lines in bulk.
10' - 1/8"
10' - 3/16"
10' - 1/4"
10' - 3/8"
10' - 1/2"
*new maintenance items*
Temp sensor
Oil temp sensor 0-150
Rpm sensor (crank sensor)
F/I coolant temp sensor
Aux. water pump sensor
A/c fan control temp sensor
O-rings & clips
Oil pressure switch
Trans gasket/seal set.
Oil cooler w. gaskets
Belt tensioner
2x cam sprockets
Block gasket set
Head gasket set
Valve cover gasket set
Oil filter gasket
Bosch alternator.
Steel oil pan & gasket
Shift relay lever
Dipstick funnel
Radiator mount bushings
VR6 exhaust gasket x2
Oil filter bowl drain bolt
Bosch Auxilary water pump
Water pump assembly
Meyle Oil pump w/ pickup and screen
ContiTech Serpentine belt (w/o a/c ...w/ p/S)
Timing chains kit.

Motor work done at Schimmel performance:
Vr6 short block
- honed, decked, hot tanked.
- 8.5 comp. pistons
- 83mm. .080" overbore
- forged 4340 rods
- rings, hd bearings (main, rod, thrust, inter)
- ARP rod bolts
- ARP main studs

Head + work.
- hot dipped + resurfaced.
- port/polish
- new exhaust studs
- ARP head studs
- Crank, polished and balanced.
- Ferrea intake and exhaust valves
- Ferrea heavy-duty valve Springs
- Ferrea titanium retainers, valve guides and seals, and valve Locks.

Turbo misc:
Garrett gt3582r
Treadstone T4 Turbo blanket
Treadstone Performance Manifold & hardware
Tial 38mm wastegate. - 1.5'' outlet diam.
dump tube parts- 1.5" ss 90' weld el, 1.5"x16" x 2 ss straight, 38mm wastegate flange x 2, gaskets
Treadstone Performance Intercooler. TR18t 20"x 2.5"x10.5"
Tial 50mm BOV
B&R turbo coolant line kit.
turbo oil fittings an gaskets
t3/t4 turbo oil return flange -10an + gasket
t3 oil feed gasket
5 sets of vband clamps and flanges
2.5" aluminum Intercooler piping
14x t-bolt clamps
6x 2.5" straight couplers
2x 3.25"-2.5" reducer couplers

6x840cc Siemens high impedence injectors.
Bosch 044 fuel pump.
TreadstonePerformance 044 mounting bracket
Fuel pump rewire.
SX fuel pressure regulator
SX inline fuel filter
Go Autoworks- -6AN Fuel line from the tank to the fuel filter
Go autoworks- -6AN fuel line from fuel filter to fuel rail
Custom Surge Tank w/ mount for inline pump and new fuel filter.

Passat sunroof conversion.
90mm front lip
French spec g60 headlights. Smoked housings. W/ electric adjusters.
(Euro ecode) - electric adjusters w/ switch and custom harness.
Grill/headlight eyebrow lip
Eurosport front upper stb.
Spoonfedtuning - g60 badgeless grill
spoonfedtuning - c/f wiper cowl
spoonfedtuning - c/f rain tray
spoonfedtuning - c/f us spec plate holder
spoonfedtuning - fiberglass extended wing
Prothane polyurethane suspension kit.
Cult Society (fog delete) air ducts
Blacked out tails.

Wheels & Brakes:
SSR Decolte GP-0 17x8 all around.
5x100-5x114 hub/wheel adapters
Mk3 gti front brakes
Brembo rear rotors
Hawk rear pads
New rear axle bearings.

Euro manual seatbelt swap. (In Black)
(New beetle) black leather headrests
Tan leather door cards
Tan leather rear seat.
Momo steering wheel
Momo hub adapter
Autometer cobalt series- fuel pressure & coolant temp gauges
Custom Center vent gauge pods
spoonfedtuning - vr6 green illuminated gauge face set
spoonfedtuning - corrado floor mats
Optima red top batt.
External mount Batt. posts
Pioneer AVH-x2600bt head unit.
Infinity reference 5020cs 5.25"
Infinity Kappa 2way 4x6"
Infinity Reference 4" mids

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:denied: i've always liked those. Nice find and good luck brother!!!

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If I end up keeping it long term it might end up w an r32 motor or if the economy gets real bad... A built TDi.

But the vr6 turbo on a stock block is capable of being a nice dd w over 350 hp.

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any consideration to swapping a 2jz toyota powerplant in there?

The stock bottom ends are good for 600 hp or so as they are extremly over built.

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Yeah I considered that.

Wait... No I didn't. Cuz it would be ridiculous to try and fit and it's not a rwd car.

I bought this cuz I didn't wanna go through w my other plans w the 3G.

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ooops.....sorry the way you said r32 i was thinking you were looking to the rb20 Rwd.

My bad.

Swap J then?? hahaha

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The r32 vr6 has way better stock power than the j of its caliber.

The vr6 isn't a real v-6 so it also doesn't take up as much space as a j series.

Was just there yesterday *6oct12*

Figured I'd throw up a few pics I snapped quick.

Mind the fact the rado hasn't been washed in over 7-8 months. I'm going back over Monday and it will be washed. More shots then.


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Washed her today. No after pics cuz it was too dark. Found some water leaks. And mold I had seen already. So I removed all the leather. To store till I'm back in April. Lots of work ahead.


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Engine harness/ ecu / fuse box arrived the day before I left.

Ecu most likely won't be getting used. Going with a stand alone w a custom tune most likely.


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If I end up keeping it long term it might end up w an r32 motor or if the economy gets real bad... A built TDi.
I don't mind getting good mileage regardless of the economy. BMW's new 6-series has a turbodiesel option in Europe, hauls ass and gets 41 mpg. Don't knock the TDi option, guess I'm saying...

Also, doesn't anyone work on their ludes anymore?!? ;)

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I've been buying stuff for mine still but I'm Savin it all till I Repaint it. Body parts laying everywhere. I'm a murderer

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It'll be low. But not too crazy. I don't want it to be impossible to drive.

That red one looks bagged. Not my thing.

Nothing else to update. Just bought a Bentley corrado manual. & am waiting to hear back from someone about a new bigger lip.

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ended up buying that 90mm front lip i was talking about.

& just dropped some bills on a Samco hose and clamp set.... BFi stage 1 motor mounts..& BFi vr6 cooling kit. which consists mostly of new water necks at all block connections plus a few others.. new gaskets and a thermostat.

$650 well spent.

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That's an awesome deal. I love the corrado. Almost bought a g60, I like it better than the vr6, the handling is better. They're really good cars.

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Yeah but everything I see about g60's is... Rebuild kits... "My blown s/c..." How do I push more power... Help me figure this out...

Way more complaints just to be unique.

Plus the sound of a vr6 alone makes my knees weak. :)

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Not much to report on. I can't work on it since I'm deployed till April or may 2013. But I'll post up as I buy things. Might have pictures here and there.

Looking into tan leather door cards. To go two tone interior.
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