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Just got bored and thought this is a great thread and it would be nice to update and put it all down on one so you dont have to keep sifting through. Originally started by irolllow-

You might own a fifth-generation Honda Prelude if...
1. You're the only Honda owner in the parts store looking for GM Synchromesh
2. The guys at the transmission shop know you by your first name
3. You talk about shifting your automatic transmission and nobody makes fun of you
4. Your fog lights take the same type of bulb as your headlights
5. You go to a Honda-only wrecking yard and can't find anything that you need
6. Civic owners think that you drive a supercar
7. Every body-styling component on your car is made by Wings West
8. " Type-SH " does not intimidate you
9. You actually know what " Type-SH " means
10. You don't need a shop manual as long as Boosted521 is logged-on
11. You have ever lashed-out at someone for asking where they can find a turbo kit for their car
12. You live nowhere near Texas, yet know the names of all the members of the North Texas Prelude Owners Group
13. You think your Honda has a " big block " in it
14. You dream about selling your car and buying a Honda S2000
15. You have already sold your car and bought a Honda S2000
16. No matter how hard you try you can't find any aftermarket headlights for your car
17. You've ever had to tell someone that your used wheels will not fit on their Civic
18. The " Type-S " accessories at AutoZone seem to catch your eye for some reason
19. chics always say to you "wow nice car... what is it?"
20. it annoys the crap out of you when someone spells it V-TEC or VTECH
21. other people that have 5th gens wave to you. when you are out driving
22. when you got 2nd and 3rd genners wanting to trade cars.
23. a girl says right in front of her bf. "why cant you have a nice car like that" (happend to me last night)
24. when you drive someone elses car you say to them "this thing has a crapy high end."
25. when you drive someone elses civic that has vtec and you say to them "are you sure this thing has vtec?"
26. you really despise the RSX type s and SRT4
27. "JDM foglights" don't sound so JDM anymore, yet sounds like standard equipment.
28. if you've entered your radio code so many times you memorized it already.
29. All your guy friends poke fun and say you got a "chick car"
30. 10 minutes later your showing them what this so called "chick car" can really do.
31. You fear that parking your car in open spaces might leave it vulnerable to crazy Honda owners wanting an H22 swap (that means you too 3rd genners :lol: )
32. Everyone says "sweet, your car has v-tech!!!!111"
33. Your friend sees the red key in its little pack and says "does this mean its a type R?"
34. people "that think they know alot about hondas" think you have a B-16
35. (you know you own an AUTOMATIC 5th gen) when you hear a GM owner say oh its not all bad auto is better then stick anyways
36. you have to feed your seatbelts back in, even though your car is practically new.
37. (you know one just got his/her 5th gen when) you see a post similar to this.
Why am I losing oil after a thousand miles?
38. people think your 97 is an 05
39. you spend ten minutes popping your sunroof to get in the perfect slightly raised but not open position when you know damn well its not supposed to
40. when your adding a quart of oil before your oil change
41. when someone asks you if your car is lowered , you say no, and they say it sits so damn low......
42. if you plan on having cracked ringlands.
43. you take torque for granted
44. no one can find your radio antenna.
45. you have a surging/low idle problem
46. You have people ask you why they bothered putting a back seat in. As you laugh at them
47. when you got people fighting (fist) for shotgun
48. Your Honda OEM San Marino red is oxidised beyond belief
49. Your door locks decide when they want to work
50. You ignorantly think your car gets messed up at 4900 rpm
51. You very cautiously think about mods possibly making your car "riced"
52. Fog lights seem to cost way more than they should
53. People ask you why you didn't just get a camaro or some "performance domestic"
54. you have a stock sound system and people ask how much you spent on it
55. every single Acura TL, CL, and TSX owner says "Damn, Thats yours? nice car man!" and every RSX owner wants to try and show you up
56. everyone says "Nice car, what is it? oh its a prelude? does it have that Vtec motor thingy in it?"
57. every honda civic owner says "is that an H22?" and you just want to slap them for not knowing about a honda.
58. wants to know what color your pearl white prelude is....
59. You are secretly jealous of the 4th gen because ebay sells like 10 bajillion aftermarket headlights for them.
60. You want to go somewhere with a bunch of guys and one of em has to ride in the trunk...
61. every spec-v owner wants to run you
62. absolutly no one believes you when you tell them bolt ons do not make it faster.
64. When u have a AUTO. and all u do is create forums about a MANUAL SWAP. AND U REALLY DONT HAVE THE MONEY YET!!!!.
66. When u start thinking. 'DAMN THIS CAR HAD TO LOOK SEXY FOR THAT YEAR'
67. you yell at your friend for putting the shifter into tiptronic mode because you have nightmares of your tranny going out
68. your friends make fun of you that your car has tiptronic but you never use it.
69. Your favorite thing to do is beat mustangs then tell them it's a 4 banger
70. You hate Ford for stealing your headlight design for their Fusion and Mecury Mountaineer
71. you drive a buddy's car and take corners way too fast
72. you SPEED UP to exit the freeway.
73. your friend's scream for dear life when you're taking a corner at what you feel is "normal speed".
74. you open your trunk and theres a little puddle of water next to the spare tire..
75. someone wants to buy your car and you tell them the kbb value they say "thats to high for a 98" or whatever year
76. you're willing to spend $800 on headlights but won't fix your seatbelts unless its free.
77. you drive at night and speed up too 2gen integra thinking it was a 5gen.
78. you have some type of lip kit or are going to get one.
79. your next mod will be projectors
80. Every male passenger you have asks if the car is a V6
90. Female passengers either "really likes riding in it" or thinks it's uncomfortable (in which case your girl just might need to go on Jenny Craig)
91. You get involved in a police pursuit and dispatch hears: "in pursuit of Red Sports car "
92. You have people asking you if HID projectors were an option on these cars
93. You have to have a crane available to be able to get your grandfather/grandmother in and out of the passenger seat (because it's so damn low)
94. You notice black smoke coming out of your exhaust when you floor it and have to post on "did I blow up my engine?"
96. People ask you if it's RWD
97. People ask if it's turbo... "I thought I heard a BOV when you shifted"
"Nope, that's just the short ram intake."
98. (EBP Owners) People ask you "where did you get your paintjob?"
99. You start hearing all sorts of creaking and clunking sounds when the weather gets cold and think your suspension is broken.
100. You have at least 2 extra quarts of oil in your trunk
101. You think fog lights are actually worth $300 shipped.
102. You are prone to deer jumping out in front of you and other traffic seems to always be close to hitting your car
103. You park on end spots and far from the front of stores as much as possible because of how these thin door panels love to ding!
104. Passengers comment on how soft the seat material is.
105. You don't offer to drive anywhere if it will require you to carry more than one passenger in your Prelude
106. Your automatic tranny makes you want to give-up on life
107. you drive someone elses car you say to them "this thing has a crapy high end."
108. you get honked at by the people behind you because youre too busy admiring your car in a reflection to realize theres a green light
109. You take your dog for a car ride and he has a hard time getting comfortable in the back seat because there is a plastic tray in his ass.
110. you look at STIs and Evos, and you say, "So car is sexier."
111. you take first gear to just before vtec, let it sit for a second, and then floor it to feel the vtec surge
112. you pass people as an excuse to feel the vtec kick in
113. you keep it in 4th gear when you probably should just go ahead and shift to 5th
114. muscle car guys think your a dumbass for shifting at 7 1/2 k.
115. you get complimented everytime you pull into the honda dealer
116. ricers constantly try to race you, then fly by and flick you off when you ignore them and don't even look their way. Oh yeah, and sometimes they get pulled over or crash in the process, which is always kinda satisfying.
117. you fill up 11 pages of a pointless thread just so you know you own something that you already know that you own.
118. you pull into a honda dealer and people stop their conversations with the sales clerk to watch you pull in. then the sales clerk walks up to you asking if you are wanting to sell it cuz that nice couple over there wants to buy it..
119. you get a ticket and it reads: Honda Accord/Civic
120. you are in the right lane you move over to the left and speed up to stay with a passing prelude.
121. you are in the left lane you move over to the right and slow down to stay with a passed prelude
122. you go into anybody else's car and ask where's the hood?
123. you want an nsx
124. someone is tailgating you on the highway and you just floor it in 5th gear and let the top gear do all its work and watch the car try to catch up
125.1st to 2nd is not so smooth..
126. you dont need to mod your car cuz it is already fast enough..
127. ppl comment on your civic interior..
128. you dont see many around..did i mention only about 60,000 in the US??
129. when ppl go into your car and say "where's the leather seats??"
130. you love stepping into your car cuz you get that sinked down feeling as you see the whole hood..
131. your girlfriend begs you to punch through VTEC one more time...
132. when you see one and u kno its a 5th gen with the same motor..instead of this rsx that a type-s or base???
133. you kno wut NBP means
134. your cruising on highway at 4k rpm wondering why you don't have a 6th and you just say screw it and you hit vtec in 5th
135. You continually speculate about the rumors of a 6th gen lude from Honda. One that features 250 turbocharged horsepower, factory LSD, leather interior, RWD, etc, etc, etc... :lol:
136. you spend hours on end researching and looking for performance parts that actually work
137. you can actually tell some one what vtec stands for word for word
138. you dream of a real body kit that actually looks good on your car
139. you make your passenger grab the "oh shit handle" and they actually yell " OH SHIT!!"
140. you tell people you drive a 2 seater when going out because it saves hassle in the parking lot
141. you've had occasion to tell your friend's girlfriend *without being sexual* that she'd have to spread her legs to ride in your car
142. your car was designed 10 years ago, and still looks and runs better than most new cars
143. you see a civic on every block; and a small smirk develops each time (on the inside at least)
144. its 35 degrees outside yet u still have the sunroof open
145. you park her and you walk away...just to turn around and make sure shes still there...but in actuality, your're just admiring her beauty and you quietly whisper to yourself, "your such a fine piece of ass."
146. every time you look at your car you smile
147. you get that warm feeling inside when you hit that vtec crossover
148. you see older people drivin next to you or in a parking lot staring & wondering what kind of exotic car that is
149. you find yourself taking more drives with no destination than those with one
150. you drive around the parking lot a few times, even trying out a few places, until you find the perfect spot. You know, that one right where everyone can see it so people are less likely to mess with it, but far enough away someone isn't likely to park next to you and ding your doors and whatnot, preferably with a curb on one side, so you can squeeze right up next to it so you KNOW your doors won't get dinged. Or sometimes you wanna park in certain place b/c of other cars you see. Like, right up there by that S2k, or SL, or M3 or whatever. Or if you see some ricers, just a few spots away so your car can make fun of them but they won't be standing all next to it when they come out. And when you try to decide whether to park it right in front so everyone can see it or farther back where its a bit safer. I have no problem walking half a mile to get in the mall if it means I get a safe spot. Or when you're in a restaurant, you make sure to park it up close and ask for a spot by the window so you can look at it while you wait for your food. Or how you simply refuse to drive it to busy, congested things like football games. Or how you've always gotta back in so there's absolutely no chance of someone hitting you as you back out, and so everyone doesn't check out your baby's hot ass
151. You curse Honda for giving you an f-ing pirate ship sized steering wheel
152. You're constantly adjusting your seat to try and find the happy medium between leg room and arm distance
153. You lift up the cubby between your seats to shift without hitting your arm on it
154. your car tops out stock at the lovely number of 143
155. your headache keeps on getting worse after having taken 3 doses of aspirin
156. your car has 200000kms and the check engine light has never came on.
157. you drive with the cel on, unless it's blinking
158. you would much rather have a base trim than an SS. Try to explain that to a Chevy guy and watch his head explode
159. the resale value on your car is high as heck
160. you're the last one out of the car because your digging out your rear floormats from under the front seats because of the rear passengers
161. You begin to think that Kumho tires came stock with your car
162. You begin to question your career and try to picture yourself as a mechanic because your at the garage more than your at work
163. your passenger can't find the 'Oh Shit' handle and grabs for the top by mistake.
164. you spend more time cleaning your car then your room.
165. you dream of going back in time to 97 and drive your new car off the show room floor so people can be like oh shit what kind of car is that?
166. Whenever you're supposed to go somewhere nice, you walk outside to leave nice and early only to realize that your car is dirty and it's just gotta be clean before you go(even if no one else is even gonna see it), so you take 30 mins. washing and drying it, and show up late anyway

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i say, well done sir!!

i have some to add, dont know if their good but here they are

164. you spend more time cleaning your car then your room.
165. you get honked at by the people behind you because youre too busy admiring your car in a reflection to realize theres a green light.

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i say, well done sir!!

i have some to add, dont know if their good but here they are

164. you spend more time cleaning your car then your room.
165. you get honked at by the people behind you because youre too busy admiring your car in a reflection to realize theres a green light.
Haha, nice, Ill add them in

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yea i noticed that too, but its wayyy to much work to take that out and renumber everything so i didnt say anything.

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OH MY GOD!!! I'M A 5TH GEN OWNER!! lol. I do #150 soooo many times, my gf doesnt mind walking now.Damn now I know I fit right in.I also thought I was the only one with the 152 problem. At first I thought the seats were fine now...:)/).

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w00t w00t!

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108. you get honked at by the people behind you because youre too busy admiring your car in a reflection to realize theres a green light

131. your girlfriend begs you to punch through VTEC one more time...

144. its 35 degrees outside yet u still have the sunroof open

152. You're constantly adjusting your seat to try and find the happy medium between leg room and arm distance

so true, so true.

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that just described me in so many ways. God i love my "P R E L U D E" :)

RHD Pimpin
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Bwhahahahahaha, I like #12
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