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Background: So I bought this 1998 Honda Prelude about 2 years ago. I drove the car stock for one summer and I was very happy with the car but then decided to start my first ever build. Not knowing that much about cars I did endless research. I realized that not many people built preludes, bc of the weight and other reasons. So I decided I would like to be a little different and turbo my 5th gen prelude. The original goal was around 300hp, but then I got a little carried away.. Here's the how the car ended up for the summer of 2015.

The car ended up making 450hp and 333tq. I was happy with these numbers and didn't wanna push the stock FRM sleeves.

- H22A4 Stock Sleeves, Stock Head
- Eagle H-beam rods
- Mahle Gold Pistions 9.0:1
- Cometic head gasket
- Arp headstuds
- Skunk2 intake manifold
- Aem fuel rail
- 1100cc FIC injectors
- Competition stage 5 clutch
- Synchrotech carbon synchros
- Mfactory lsd
- Gator racing axles
- KS speed tensioner
- Skunk2 Cam gears
- Koyo half size radiator
- Spal fan
- Hondata S300 v3
- Walbro 255

Turbo Setup:

- Precision 6265
- Precision 600hp Intercooler
- Tial 44mm wastegate
- HKS bov
- SLS topmount t3 manifold
- Boost by gear
- Innovative motor mounts


- Koni Yellows with Ground control sleeves
- Brand new bushings everywhere
- EBC slotted rotors
- Hawk hp pads
- RSX wheels
- Hankook Rs3 tires
- set of M&H Slicks 24x8.5x15
- Innovative traction bar


- Dash 3 guage cluster: Wideband, Boost, Oil Pressure.
- Carbon fiber trim kit
- S2000 stearing wheel
- JDM red door panels
- exterior pretty stock

Some photos the cars first build/setup:

I was very happy with this setup but, as all of us do, I simply wanted more. So this winter i've decided to start all over again. I did not want to continue to push the stock sleeves so I picked up a fully built Benson sleeved engine.

- Benson Sleeves
- BC Pro Rods
- 87mm 9:1 cp pistons w/ hardend coating
- ARP hardware
- acl bearings
- ks speed balance shaft removal kit
- BC valves, retainers, springs
- 3 angle valve job, resurfaced deck
- BC turbo cams

Also after destroying that Competition stage 5 clutch at the strip I decided to try a Competition twin disc. Also picked up a set of Corbeau Sparco seats. Now gutting the bay to prep for paint. Here's how the car sits now. Thanks for reading, I would love to get some feedback or opinions : ).


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Looks good man, was about to ask why you did all that work and didnt resleeve, you were right there anyway, then read further and found you made the wise choice of picking up a benson sleeved block! good move!

I love seeing boosted fifth gens. I hope this one treats you well and pulls like a train!

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Not much work has been done so just a small update. Removed the dash to delete the heater core, a/c, and blower also to mount my fuse box and tuck the engine harness to come out of the firewall under the intake. Also have been starting to assemble the engine and continued to prep for paint.

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