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Lude&Lascivious' Turbo Specs

[Car And Motor]
1988 Prelude Si 4ws
JDM B20A, appx 50k miles, stock
D2A5 Tranny, OEM Clutch
MSD Blaster 2 coil
Magnecor kv85 plug wires

[Turbo Parts]
AiResearch T3 .42/.48 Turbo
LSD short tubular mani.
internal wastegate
2.25" Intake piping
Custom 2.5" Downpipe
LSD 27x6.5x3.5" FMIC
Precision Turbo 680cc Injectors
Stealth Mode Oil Line Kit
Custom 2.5" exhaust w/no cat. & Vibrant Performance resonator & muffler
Dual White Performance Slim Fans

[Fuel Management]
680cc Precision Turbo Injectors chipped ecu w/Rywire harness
Walbro 255lph fuel pump


[No Tune, Street Tune, Dyno Tune]
No tune yet. Will be dyno & street tuned by John Vega of after the 1st ofthe year.

Full boost at 2200 rpm. Pulls real hard. Not much traction in 1st & 2nd at full throttle. Would expect whp to be in the 220-230hp range when tuned properly. Extremely fun to drive.

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[Car And Motor]
1994 Prelude
Fully built bottom end, stock head, stock tranny, RPS Stage 5 clutch

[Turbo Parts]
Precision PT67 T4
LoveFab SST
Tial 44mm
Custom Downpipe
Precision Intercooler (750hp)
Precison 1600cc injectors
4 inch aluminum exhaust
PFI Traction Bar
2.5 inch aluminum IC piping

[Fuel Management]


[No Tune, Street Tune, Dyno Tune]
528whp, 376tq, dyno tuned

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[Car And Motor]
1988 Honda Prelude Si
---Wiesco forged pistons
---F22 rods
---All new Honda bearings
---Colt Cams Tri flow
---AEM cam gears(not tuned)
---Innovate poly-urethane mounts

[Turbo Parts]
---LudeSPEED turbo manifold
---Mitsubishi 14b
---LudeSPEED downpipe
---Custom Intake and charge pipe(2")
---Type H-RFL blow off valve
---Fujita Super Flow High Performance Air Filter
---Catco High-flow Cat.
---custom 2.5" exhaust pipe
---Apex'i N1 turbo muffler

[Fuel Management]
---Lc-1 Innovate wideband o2 sensor
---Hondata s300
---RC Engineering 550 injectors
---Boomslang conversion harness
---Autometer boost gauge
---Autometer oil pressure gauge


[No Tune, Street Tune, Dyno Tune]
street tune


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hey guys, im new to this sight, but ive been lookin everywhere for some answers and i just cant figure out wat is wrong with my car. i have a 91 prelude 2.0 si. i just got done putting a turbo on it. i got a garret t3 turbo, walbro 255 hpfp, obx 12-1 FMU, boost controller, FMIC. wen i was all done with the install, i took it for a test run... after i build up boost it just cuts off!! it feels like im stomping on the brakes. it gets up to full boost of 7psi, but it just cuts off. it does it in neutral too, if i rev it up high then let off then try to rev it up again, it wont. i was told i might need bigger injectors, so i put in some 450 cc injectors out of a dsm in and used a adjustable regulator to set the psi at idle. then took it for another drive and the same thing is happening. i cant figure out wat the problem is at all. if anyone has any ideas i would really appreciate the help!!!

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i have an 87 si a20 going turbo but i need to know if i really need to obd0 to obd1 the ecu or can i have it the same and if i do need the ecu whats the best and easiest way to tune that thanks i know yall pro this ? is easy for yall

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Holy crap

turbo 2g

iron block
sealed power pistons
arp rod bolts
honda bearings
rebuilt & balanced t03 turbo
act heavy duty pressure plate w/ performance street disk
port & polish exhaust side
polished crank
toga high volume oil pump
reconditioned rods
rebuilt head
30" intercooler
mandrel-bent charge pipes w/ silicone connectors & t-bolt clamps
free flowing pcv
mosselman cast turbo manifold
vdo turbo gauge
2.5" exhaust with glasspack and test pipe
cartech bov
cartech fmu
aftermarket fuel pump

running 4psi with fuel issues... Needs better management, motor built to handle 15+ psi. 135 whp and 142lbs wtq @ 4psi, 4500rpm. Estimated specs at 12 psi (off of partial dyno run) 300lbs wtq, 250 whp @ 4500rpm.

i need to know where you got the mosselman mani ive jst recently got my 87 si and want to build and boost i found out about the mosselman mani a few days ago and now i see someone that actually has one

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It's not pretty but it gets the job done.

[Car And Motor]
1990 Prelude Si

[Motor/Turbo Parts]
Turbonetics t3/t4 57trim
Ludespeed Mani
Tial 38mm Wastegate
Custom Downpipe to 3inch exhaust (no cat)
Apexi N1 3" SS Muffler
AlkyControl Methanol injection
Denso 550cc Injectors
Zex 65 shot
Lightened flywheel
Ported Head
B-16 Outer Valve Springs
B-18 Intake Cam
Pauter Rods
Weisco 8:5:1
MSD 6al
MSD Blaster coil

[Fuel Management]
Hondata S200
PLX Wideband

22psi Controlled with an Apexi AVCR

[No Tune, Street Tune, Dyno Tune]
It does pretty good, and that was off the bottle.
wow thats awesome how much that cost you do yourself and why did you use the other part from the 18 and 16

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[Car And Motor]

- 1990 Prelude 2.0 Si
- JDM b20a


- stock (for now :D)

[Extra Stuff]

-DIY OBD0->OBD1 conversion
-NGK Plugs, Gapped to 35mm


- D2K5

[Turbo Parts]

- Garrett t3 .42/.48
- Tial 35 MM Externaml WG
- Custom Mild Steel Manifold
- FMIC (dont remember the size)
- Custom Charge pipes
- RC 550 Injectors

[Fuel Management]

- Chipped PR4 running uberdata


- 7 psi

[Dyno Tune]

not yet

Im probably forgetting stuff. Ill post up the rest later, if there is anything else.
how much did it cost to do

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h22 fully built by POWER PROS... tuned by BUBBA DO IT DYNO....


514whp 368ft tq

and yes i know! nobody likes the body kit i have had it since body kits were the "shit".... but its off for good no recent pictures of the new look yet


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[Car And Motor]
1991 Prelude Si
wiseco forged pistons
sparks forged hbeam rods
supertech h22 valve springs
arp studs

[Turbo Parts]
Garret-AiResearch T3 IWG
H22 manifold
JDM Poonage intercooler and piping
Greddy BOV
Custom DP

[Fuel Management]
p06 and chip kit/basemap

5psi so far

[No Tune, Street Tune, Dyno Tune]
not that far yet unfortunately

will be adding 880 precision injectors and push 25psi once tuned.


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[Car And Motor]
1993 ba8 Prelude
jdm h22a 80% stock

[Turbo Parts]
h22a custom turbo header
custom turbo piping
tial wastegate 38mm
custom downpipe
bov sqv hks
evo3 intercooler
apexi fake boost meter

[Fuel Management]
p28 with s300 hondata chipping
510cc evo 3 injector

7psi @ 0.5bar so far

231.2 tork
afr 11.3


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[Car And Motor]
1992 Prelude S full interior

CP pistons (10:1 CR)
Pauter X-beam rods
ARP head studs, main and rod bolts
Skunk2 valves, retainers, dual valve springs
GE sleeved and o-ring
OEM Honda headgasket
Stock H22 cams and gears
Nippon Eneos 0-50W oil

[Extra Stuff]
Generic Oil Catch Can
NGK plug wires
NGK plugs
Skunk2 intake manifold
KS H23 tensioner conversion
KS Balance shaft eliminator
GReddy timing belt

Comp Clutch 6-puck sprung hub
Comp Clutch lightweight flywheel
Comp Clutch pressure plate

Precision PTE 5857 .63 A/R turbine, ported shroud S compressor cover
Treadstone TRE8 or TRE10? intercooler and 2.5" piping kit
LoveFab mini-me equal length turbo manifold
LoveFab 3" down pipe, open down pipe
Tial 44mm Wastegate, open dump
Tial 50mm BOV
Hondata boost control solenoid

[Fuel Management]
Hondata S300 with P72 ECU
AEM Uego Wide band O2 With gauge
GM 3 bar map sensor
Injector Dynamics ID1000cc injectors
AEM fuel rail/FPR
Walbro 255lph fuel pump

[Dyno Tune]
Tuned by Shane @ DBPerformance in Rogers, MN
469.8hp/340tq @ 15psi max
415hp/280tq @ 12psi current tune

Upgraded fuel system:
Walbro 400lph in-tank
Injector Dynamics ID2000cc or FIC 2150cc injectors
-8 AN fuel lines
Kenne Bell boost a pump
Direct power fuel relay mod

Ran out of injector at 15psi with fuel pressure set to stock base 43.5psi

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1989 Honda Prelude 2.0Si

81.5mm Wiseco Pistons 9:1
Bisimoto I-Beam Rods
Cometic Headgasket
ARP Headstuds

Precision SC6152E .63ar
CX Racing FMIC
Tial Bov
Tial V44 Wastegate
WeiRtech Tubular Manifol

5gal Fuel Cell
Inline Walbro 255 and Bosch 044
-8an Fuel Lines
Rosko Racing Fuel Rail
1000cc PTE Injectors

MSD Digital 6
Chipped P06 with Ectune

MH 24.5x8.5x15 Slicks

Tuned on VP [email protected] = 420whp 340wtq
Best 1/4 = [email protected]
Best 1/8 = [email protected]

The car has more in it with some more boost, better driving, and headwork.


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89 Honda Prelude SI 4WS

- b20a6 fully forged bottom end
- scat h22a h-beam rods
- acl race series bearings
- decked and honed block
- custom dished JE pistons C/R 8.5:1
- JE pistons pro-seal ring kit
- 5 layer cometic MLS head gasket
- heavily port/polished head
- decked head
- heavier springs
- custom oversized fuel rail
- twin feed rail
- bosch 1680cc indy blue injectors
- 3/8 billet inline fuel filter
- upgraded 3/8 fuel lines
- walbro 255lph lift pump
- 3ltr surge tank
- modifed intank chamber
- double spacer ( blacktrax style ) plenum
- modifed h22 throttle body
- custom steam pipe top mount turbo manifold
- turbonetics twin scroll gtk 450 turbo
- turbosmart 38mm ultra gate with 14psi spring
- turbosmart eboost2 EBC
- turbosmart type3 supersonic BOV
- 2.5 " hot pipe -- 800/400/75mm intercooler -- 3" cold pipe
- AEM adjustable cam gears
- gates racing timing belt
- sard FPR
- excel super coil
- topgun 8.8mm race leads
- 2.5" dump pipe
- 3" stainless full exhaust
- magnaflow highflow cat
- soild engine mounts
- adaptronics E420C ECU
- custom stainless airbox
- custom stainless catch can
- x3 -10 elbows
- x2 5/8" ORTAC breather hose
- SPEX 1/10 hour meter
- Innovate motorsports LC1 wideband

- stage 3 button clutch
- 5 speed
- stock flywheel
- stock drive shafts

- braid brake line kit
- slotted rotors all round
- front brake dust covers removed
- stock shocks
- new upper and lower ball joints
- JDM style spring/sleeve kit 4" raise/lower
- 17" rims 225/45/17 front 235/45/17 rear

- aftermaket front bar , cut and modded to fit intercooler
- accord side skirts
- vented bonnet
- bonnet struts installed
- x4 2 5/8 autometer bonnet gauges
- tinted tail lights and garnish
- body moulds colour coded
- 5000k h4 xenon headlight bulbs

- short shifter
- custom rollcage
- ADR approved monza 4-point harness's
- fire extinguisher
- LED down lights wired to key barrell dimmer
- autometer 2 5/8 oil pressure gauge
- autometer 5" monster tacho 10,000 rpm carbon fibre series
- autometer 2 5/8 boost gauge
- false boot floor
- everything else stock
- battery relocated to boot
- carbon vinyl trim thru out
- momo nero pedal kit

- pioneer head unit
- mb quart splits (front)
- sony 6x9's (rear)
- jbl dual voice coil 15" sub (boot)
- clarion 300 wrms mono block amp (boot)
- 120 amp circuit breaker


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[Car And Motor]
1997 Prelude Base

[Motor/Turbo Parts]
Stock block H22a - (10.6cr) ARP Head Studs / Honda HGasket
Pro series intake mani
70mm TB
Spoolin Performance Manifold
Turbonetics t3/to4e 60 trim .63Ar Turbine
Precision 39mm Wastegate
Mishimoto intercooler
Synapse Blow off valve

ACT 6 puck clutch and pressure plate
Duralast OEM flywheel
Duralast Gold CV Axles

[Fuel Management]
Walbro 255 pump
AEM fuel rail
Rc 750cc Injectors
Hondata s300v3

9.7psi with Grimmspeed MBC

[No Tune, Street Tune, Dyno Tune]
Dyno Tune with Excessive Autosports in Sioux falls, SD
307whp and 270lbs at 9.7psi

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[Car And Motor]
2001 Prelude Type sh

[Motor/Turbo Parts]
93 h22a closed deck block with a 97 type s head fresh rebuild with arp head studs
70mm skunk2 alpha r TB
Greddy log style manifold
Garret gt30 with upgraded ball bearing kit
Tial 39mm Wastegate
JDM sports intercooler
HKS Blow off valve

Exedey extra pressure clutch
Fidanza Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel
Duralast Gold CV Axles

[Fuel Management]
Walbro 255 pump
AEM fuel rail
Rc 750cc Injectors
Hondata s300v2

Havent finished the turbo set up yet. Waiting on an obd2b to obd1 jumper and a aem wideband to finish
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