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Looking for some one, person or*shop to do a full turbo install for me..*

Work to be done..*

Pull h22

Install new clutch while motor is out

Drop in f20b bottom (w/new rods)* (iron sleeves+already have areies pistons)

Do balance shaft delete

Put h22 head on (already fully built)

Relocate battery to trunk

Install turbo (with appropriate guages(afr/boost/oil pressure))

wire in pwm boost control & Mac valve

If possable basemap

Custom fab turbo downpipe to my 3" system

Custom fab wastegate exhaust

Its a nice bit of work.. probly about 18-20*hours realistically

im Looking for someone who wont beak the bank on the install and i will have a fully built f20b head and a full n/a balanced*h22 block i can* part with as part of the payment. (The set up when mated will produce 240+ bhp n/a)**

Pm me for information.. im in the clayton area of n.c.
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