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Troubles with a 5g 2.0i edm(f20a4)

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Hey guys

Sorry for my english, im french.

So, i got a 5gen with this f20a4. 5MT, 300.000 km.Since i get the car, she dont have all of the power.I noticed that, a 4000 rpm, i lost tons of power.

I replace or checked few parts:

-Ignition coil
-gas filter
-gas pump
-Map sensor
-pressure regulator
-put an h23 air intake + KN ifilter
-Exhaust system looks clean(but not completely checked)
-All belts
-Engine empitying x3
-Transmission empitying

Actually she got more troubles than usual, and why im asking help here.

-Intermittent power
-A shots at low and medium revs
-power cut-> when I accelerate I hear the throttle open but the car continues to lose rpm and we have to work hard to finally get the injection going again.
-always outliers on the lambda
-Idle boucing

And now she dont want to start, i dont heard my gas pump lauching and i got 0 pressure in my ramp.Main relay i guess ?

If someone can help me, actually, im pretty sad and im think about selling my car.I cant continue to waste money inside,.

Thx for reading and sorry for my language !
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I will change my cat convertor as soon as possible so.
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