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Hello Lude enthusiasts,
Need some help…I have a 91 lude, 2.1 L Si, auto. I let the car hibernate for a couple of years due to a minor issue. Revived it and car was basically running ok, except the O2 (code 41 on ECM) sensor light that came on. Also, the speedometer would come on some times, and die particular speed. The D2 light would also start flashing, with the trans showing the code (4) for a bad speed sensor…car would still run fine and shift smoothly thru the fourth. Meanwhile, I also took the shift lever apart and lubricated the detents to get some notchiness out of the shifter. To fix the speedometer, I tried to extract the old speed sensor, which unfortunately broke, since it was stuck in solid (Half of it still stuck into port). Now I created another issue…car will not shift beyond the first gear in D position, with TCU showing an error of 9 (speed pulsar sensor) although the shift problem relates more to code 8 (Shift solenoid B?). Some Q’s:
1. Does the speedometer use the signal from speed sensor? Anyone know where I can get a replacement/substitute sensor? This is single bolt design and seems to have gone into extinct state (think part no is 28510-PRO-013). Since the book says it helps with putting the trans into lock-up, will it still drive ok without this sensor and shift thru the 4 gears?
2. Any tips on why it will not shift thru the gears? Did I mess the shift switch by the lever, or is it the B shift solenoid?
3. Any idea where I can get the right O2 sensor with the heater with right resistance (10-30 ohms I think)…since code says heater circuit, can this be fixed?
Any help/tips will be most appreciated…thanks a ton.
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