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Okay hoping some transmission experts can give me an opinion on this.

So, i just replaced my transmission. My Old one was a M2S4, which is a 4th gen tranny, it definitely had some age and usage as the car i got it out of was a 5th gen so it definitely had a long life with multiple cars, as my 5th gen would probably be the 3rd car it was in.

Anyways it always shifted fine, great actually. Never any grinds or anything. So ONE day i was doing an acceleration, i tried aggressively shifting from 2nd to 3rd and i missed, basically hit a wall and my revv’s went to limiter. After slowing down and going through the gears, i didn’t have 4th gear anymore. It doesn’t grind into it at all, it’s just NOT there, you could try to force it all you want but 4th gear is just gone it’s almost like a wall is in front of it you just can’t put it in 4th whatsoever. Even after i took the tranny out if you try to shift it on the shifter itself it still will not go into 4th at all. Also, i daily drove it without 4th gear, it shifted great every other gear so i drove it till i replaced the tranny.

So my question is what could be the cause and damage? I would assume it’s bewteen shredded syncros or a bent shift fork?? But if it was syncros wouldn’t it still grind? Because it doesn’t grind at all, even if you tried to force it it still wouldn’t go into 4th and would not grind into it, like i said it’s a “wall” now.

Like i said this was a SECOND to THIRD gear miss-shift and i lost FOURTH because of it?! So does any tranny experts that know’s the inner-working of a tranny could tell me why a 2-3 miss shift would cause 4th gear to be non-existent anymore? Also when i “missed” the gear i didn’t grind, i just hit a wall.

Thanks for any input! I already have a new transmission in my car, but i loved the M2S4 and would love to get it rebuilt if it’s fixable. Just wanted to know if anyone knew the association of 2-3 and 4th gear. Thanks!
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