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I was in need of a new set on my stockies and i figured i'd be best off with an all weather style tread. i ended up getting the Toyo's. reasonable priced at $460 mounted blanced etc...

Comfort: This tire rides very very smooth, much smoother than the Falken 912s i had before them, there are also much quieter over the bumps and various other road vibrations. (10/10)

Handling: Around the bends this tire handles spectacularly, not a bit of noise or any hint of understeer. the smooth center ridge is very helpful in the corners, these tires were still holding strong where my last tires were starting to break free. off the line they are acceptable, from a FWD car i'll take a little noise off the line. they do scratch second a bit but right back on after a quick chirp! (10/10)

Rain: Handle very well in the rain, didn't feel that slight hydro plane i got with my last tires, easier to break loose if you wanna be dumb and launch in the rain but overally very good! due to the slight 'launch' issue (9.5/10)

I haven't had the tires long so i will update with more info later on! But after my hour or so long test drive on the curviest roads i could find they are excellent for an all season tire!! They look pretty nice as well.

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