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Trade my kosei's for the brand new Work Emotion replicas and tires.?

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91 Si 4WS
Bought in Central Ohio, drove 12 hours back to my home in PA.
Paid: $2500

The day i got home...

Current shot as of 6/15/09


17"x7" Replica wheels w/ 225/45's 1/28/09 -->
15" Kosei K1's (old wheels) w/ Toyo Proxies --->
14'' sawblades w/ Falken tires.
H&R race springs
Tokico struts
Mustardcat front & rear STB's -->
Secluded Performance Adjustable Rear swaybar Endlinks
4 New upper & 4 new Lower ball joints.
Whiteline Anti-swaybars - *soon to be installed*

HKB hub adapter
Sparco steering wheel --> hub adapter.
Custom short shifter
Black interior swap -->

JDM B20A swap ---->
D2a4 trans w/ a chromoly 9.5 pound gsr flywheel & stage 1 clutch
ESP b20/b21 engine mounts ---->
Hedman (chikara) header. (pk3) 1/2 way down page --->
B21 Intake manifold swap (pictures) 3/4 way down page...--->
Thermal catback exhaust. Installed 10-18-07 -->
Integra CAI.
Upgraded grounds
Battery relocation -->
Optima batt.
Custom airduct & air box. (in the works) --->
A/c system removal.

4th Gen Prelude JDeeM Yellow fogs. 12/23/08 --->
Subaru Imprezza Sidemarkers. 10/10/08 --->
Mk2 VW GTi lip7/23/09 dibs- luxlude
95 Accord ex rear lip 9/28/07 -->
95ish Accord EX side skirts installed 7/8/08 --->
THule roof Rack. 5/26/09 dibs - luxlude
Oem Full Bra. (uninstalled)


'93 Volvo 850 front lip. (_ old lip_)1/20/09 -->

1st gen integra lip.(_old lip_) installed 3/11/08 --->

H22/ turbo Swap parts....

AZ Race Mounts -
Az race traction bar-
H22 - $600
M2s4 trans - $350
Alternator- FREE.
Exedy clutch release bearing - $35.36
4th gen 5spd. Shifter assembly & Shifter cables - $10
PRI H22 swap axles - $400
Wiring -
Ralco rz- crank, p/s & alt. Pulley kit. $170.00
Manual tensioner conversion kit - $178.00 X2 kits. Both cars.
New Honda water pump. - $115


Turbo- Holset hx35
Manifold- custom short log
Wastegate- xspower 46mm
1.75" dumptube
3" downpipe
Phearable socketed P28 w/ turbo h22 basemap and blank chip $150
CX Racing Intercooler $100
Tial 50mm BOV $150
B&R turbo coolant line kit. $100
Go Autoworks- -6AN Fuel line from the tank to the fuel filter
Go autoworks- -6AN fuel line from fuel filter to fuel rail
AEM red fuel filter
AEM fuel rail

Turbo timer-
Boost controller-
Boost pipes-


Other misc. upkeep records:

-Rear motor mount bolts - 2/11/08
-Coolant Temperature (TW)Sensor 2/21/08
-Other coolant temp sensor- switch interruptor. 3/20/08
-Thermostat gasket 2/21/08
-Upper rad. hose 2/21/08
-Lower rad. hose (using a modified 4th gen lude) 2/21/08
-Radiator from my parts car 2//08
-clutch fluid reservoir (old one was leaking) 2/23/08
-b21a (pk3) intake manifold swap 3/7/08
-T/b gasket
-I.manifold gasket
-E.manifold gasket
-Front and rear cat gaskets
-(hedman header) y-pipe gasket
-upper coolant port housing gasket
-Cylinder (CYP) sensor o-ring.
-swapped slave cylinder 4/7/08
-New distributor Cap & rotor 4/10/08
-New rear calipers & brake pads. 4/16/08
-Tokicos installed 4/17/08
-New Toyo Proxies mounted on wheels. 4/29/08
-NEW Clutch & pressure plate.. flywheel resurfaced. 6/4/08
-New Fuel filter. 6/9/08
-New NGK Spark plugs 6/9/08
Lude hit 200,000 miles. 6/13/08
-NEW Brake Master Cyl. 6/18/08
-NEW Slave Cyl. 6/18/08
Oil Changed - 7/8/08 @ 201,078mi.
-New clutch line. 8/6/08
Oil change - 9/11/08 @ 204,109mi.
-New Starter and starter solenoid 10/15/08
-optima battery 10/16/08
Oil change - 2/4/09 @ 207,492
-4 New Lower ball joints. 208,000
-4 New Upper ball joints. 208,000mi. 4/9/09
-New rear brake pads again... 208,000mi. 4/6/09

* Performed JDM B20A swap. 7/5/09 w/ car at 212,020 mi.*
(everything in red below was put on with car at stated mileage.)
-JDM B20a (obviously)
-D2A4 trans w/ achromoly 9.5 pound gsr flywheel & stage 1 clutch
-ESP B20a Motor mounts
-New water pump
-New ROL Oil pan gasket
-Felpro intake manifold gaskets
-Valve cover gasket
-NGK spark plugs
-Fram Tough gaurd Oil filter
-Valvoline SynPower 5w/30

@ AROUND 215,000 mi.

New optima battery 7/6/12
Redid timing. 7/6/12

CARS RUNNING AGAIN !!!!!! 7/6/12

Car Died again !!!! 7/10/12 :( fed up and parting it out and selling the shell.

bought a corrado...

Problems i ran into and the threads for helpful info:

Motor automatically revs to 8,000 rpms upon start up... bad vacume leak

B20b crv valve cover installed
& then the problems i ran into:

Battery relocation thread and info:

Info on pk2 (b20a5) to pk3(b21) intake manifold swap:
(using pk3 ecu, pk3 intake & exhaust manifolds, with a pk2 (b20a5 block & head))
-also has info on egr delete-

Turning a b20a style header > into a b21 use header.

VCU- Vacume control unit. issues. miss-matched manifold.

Thermostat housing sensors:
- Top one... Switch Interruptor# SW579
- Lower right... Temp Sensor # SU4006

Crank pulley removal questions and problems:

EGR delete questions & boost valve vacume line talk:

PK3 downpipe > O2 sensor connector.... wiring order.
(My clips pulled out of the plug)

Fuel leak from injector:

Stuck / wide open throttle... upon startup:


Info for later:

"Dream Wheels"
17" x 8.5 (front) and 17" x 9 (rear).
offset is 53 and 47 w/ front / rear = 15 / 30mm spacers... or without spacers- 38 / 17mm.


My old build : 89 2.0 si.

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black si interior FTW

yeah and you can bet on this thing being blacked the fack out...

Black exterior on black interior...& im getting some new wheels asap for it. and guess what color...?

you guessed it.... pink!
or not...

Flatblack. Or maybe bronze... ahh i dunno what i want now.

it'll be sick ...FOSHO!

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what are you doing with the yeller one?
The yeller one is pretty much gutted...

I'm pulling the motor and maybe a few other things & im calling someone to take it away to a junkyard.

I'm partial to bronze wheels.

Black on black exterior is kinda played out aropund where I live but it is played out for a reason, because it looks badass. I'm still partial to bronze or gunmetal with a chrome lip...
Very true with the badass'd'ness... i can vouch.

My other ride:

Im not gonna lie though... I was thinking about the black/gunmetal w/ the chrome lip. Ive seen a few crazy looking blacked out cars like that.

we'll see though.

First i need to select a brand/style wheel i really like.

Cant go wrong with rotas... even though they are "played out" as everyone says.

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ey bruv....congrats on scooping your new in the process of doin the swap on my lude...pain in the ass but it has to be done..that freak tan interior is enough to make you wanna commit....but neways...keep us posted bruh...cant wait to see...

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hahah gotcha...

no, but seriously I'm picking it up tomarrow.

Driving all the way from here.. Central Pa & going about 4 hours...& half way through ohio to meet the kid in Akron. He's driving 4 hours from his place in cincinnatti to help me out.

The car is a 91 Si 4ws & is black in color

Paying: $2500 air temperature, soft, cash. (opposite of cold hard ... ha ha.....yeah w/e)

Immediatly upon returning home i will be ripping out the (tan/brown) interior and swapping it to Black. Installing my Integra intake setup.. and possibly a few other small things. i.e. my accord rear lip.

I will have a bunch of pictures as soon as i return home around

So check back and let the good times begin.
If its tan interior how mush for interior bits?

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congrats on your new project....Can't wait to see what you are going to do with it..

I'm picking up the same :) 91 si b21 /black with tan interior also!

can't wait to see some pics

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nice bro.....real nice, im f*in jealous.... :)
thanks man...

im out waiste deep in parts rippin the interior out, and trying to figure out what i need and whats shit.

Im kinda dissapointed... my black door panels dont have power lock buttons and the tan ones have it...

i gotta figure something out.

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thanks man...

im out waiste deep in parts rippin the interior out, and trying to figure out what i need and whats shit.

Im kinda dissapointed... my black door panels dont have power lock buttons and the tan ones have it...

i gotta figure something out.
I guess you're putting an 88/89 black interior into the car?

The 90/91 door panels have the removable centerpeice. The power lock switch is held in with a metal sort of spring. All you need to do with your new panels is use a dremel and cut a rectangle hole that the switch will fit through. Don't worry about being perfectly straight or smooth, cause the front of the switch will cover everything.
It'll look and fit like factory when you're done.

Here's the pics I did putting in a black '90 interior into my tan interior '89:

Note that the 88/89 PDL buttons were horizontal and the 90/91s were vertical. I put it in the vertical position, much nicer looking. You can tell cause the word "lock" on mine is sideways.

I did have to modify the metal retainer clip a bit like you can see in the 2nd pic, I just bent the tabs back. And in the 3rd pic it's still not sitting totally flush, I took that pic before I was done.

Car looks clean. :emthup: What drop does it have?
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