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Hi, look, I was reading usually but now I'm in the market for some new tools and need a piece of advice. All of my old ones are about 10 y.o. so I decided to ask someone what's decent on the market right now
I'm looking for:
Cordless drill
Circular saw (I like that ridgid is 7 1/4" vs 5 or 6" like other brands, so probably will take this one)
Multitool (guess, leatherman's fine)
Usually, there is light and radio in toolsets that I don't need or want but cheaper to buy with them included.
Also a few maybe tools like impact gun, router, and angle grinder
I can go with $400 total with 2 batteries or I can skip one or 2 tools and get 2 extra batteries. Then buy the tool later if or when I need it. I'd appreciate your recommendations

Upd. read reviews here and bought DeWalt drill and multitool. If an experienced diyer left a reply here about his thoughts on what he used, that would be nice
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