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Where? Richard Stockton College of NJ
When? April 5th 2009 (time tba)
Why? To raise money, and save the boobies!!!!!!

Last year was an amazing time, and we helped Zeta Tau Alpha raise alot of money for the cause. We brought over 100 cars to this show, just by getting the word out there, and we need to make it even bigger this year!! Promote the hell out of this show! Post this info on any and all car forums your on, and spread the word!!

This is exactly what NJTuners is here for! Help spread the word and get cars at shows, and we do it well :)

Caravan threads, etc will come as the time gets closer... so keep your eyes open!

I will update this as often as needed! :banana: :thumbsup:

Quoted from NJ tuners. Please if you guys could make it out here, would be great. Not just a Lude meet, but a car show in general. It is $20 to enter your car. This is for a breast cancer fundraiser. So please, spread the word to you friends and other car sites you may be on.

Any Questions please Pm me, Post, or E-Mail me at [email protected]

Thanks guys.
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