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I have a 92 si 4ws. The car isnt great at braking. Maybe its my imagination but when I try to brake, the car crawls to a stop and the rpms feel like they stop themselves. It goes down to 1000, revs slightly to the first hash after 1000 then settles at 1000.
Also, when Im driving and I step on the brakes at high speeds (over 30)
The car seems to slow then lunge a bit forward, rpms race ahead a bit, then settle back down.
Just doesnt feel as tight as Id like it to be.

Just a head's up, the speedometer does not work. A sensor must be off but it never has worked. Every now and then it will go up and down wildly for a few seconds then it will lay lifeless once again.

Any help would be great. Id just like to be told that my car will not acccelerate with my foot on the brake and get me killed. thats all. :)

Thank you
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