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*****Edited: Feeling like a dummy, I think I found it (hopefully). It was buried in the pdf. After seeing the diagram, I feel even more dumb. How do you even read this thing and how do I even go about in troubleshooting the shorted wire? I was kind of hoping for something like this fuse control this components and these are the wire color like a lot of the other fuses lol
Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.*

Someone please help! I have a '99 SH and my tail light fuse #10 (15A) keeps blowing and I need the diagram for that fuse. I downloaded the Electrical Troubleshooting that Kronn posted and it seems to have the diagram for every fuse except fuse #10. Does anyone have the diagram for that fuse??

****Edited 2: I'm starting to grasp how the electrical troubleshooting diagram works. Unfortunately, the pdf are in order but each page isn't title, they only go by something like this "PR9701118000A". I got that from just one of the page. You do have the option of clicking hyperlink to jump from one page to another that the manual points out but it get very confusing so I'm going to have to pick out the pages I need and rename them and will go through the rest when I have time. Looks like I'm learning a little about electrical diagram / schematics.

If anyone knows of a faster way to troubleshoot then going through "process of elimination", please share.


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