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Im rolling right now with all the factory stuff in my 92 si 4ws, so Im gonna be upgrading real soon.
Ive decided Im going to go with Infinity Reference 6010cs component 6.5 in the front
Infinity 6.5's in the back and amplify it all with a sony 4 channel 50w x 4 amp.
And I will add a 10'' sub later with a mono amp, but Maybe my plan has flaws. What do u guys suggest as other options. I know everyone says Sony sucks but my car's red and I thought a nice theme of red amp and then maybe one of those p5 pentagon subs would be nice.
Also, will all those speaker types fit in the proper places. I know our cars are tempremental about speaker size.
front: infinity 6.5 reference 6010cs
tweeters included
Rear: Infinity Reference 6.5 75/225 Watt speakers

I think all of this with help from my kenwood deck mp4032
is a nice starter setup.
i dont wanna sound like an idiot playing music thats distorted for everyone else and have my trunk rattling. I just want something clear, nice, and deep bassed, that's all. simple. :)
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