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So this 2000 prelude is my first car. Ever! I know I'm a fairly new member so bear with me here guys. Hope I can be a contribution to the lude Community!
(day i bought it)


-220xxx km on the og motor
-N/A h22a
-bought it completely stock
-body does have cosmetic damage, there are rock chips all over the front bumper, and the windshield has a huge crack, also a bit of rust on the raer wheel wells, but for an 11 year old car, not too shabby

The story/thoughts:

The lady I bought it from originally wanted 10 grand for it, so we waited and waited and low and behold he had to move to thailand to build a church for 2 years so we picked er up for a mere 5500! So far the relationship with the car is a love/hate. Like today, took er for a wash and shes lookin sexy as! But other days it just feels slow, and makes some less than reputable noises that i wish i could solve. All in all I think the prelude is a GREAT car, with some modifications that is ;) I've been working at part source since day 1 of owning the car and I've done a fair amount of research, so I would consider myself, not a beginner, but a novice when it comes to the lude. So far I've done the ignition (plugs, wires, rotor, cap) the bulbs (upgraded to halogen, but the lenses are f*cked) and popped in an injen intake and an authentic Mugen Twin loop exhaust off a fellow luder in my home town. As it stands, I think the prelude cries out for some commodities, i.e. a larger lip and a lowering kit, the rear of the car is raised like a dragster, and its fwd, and non factory turbo. If honda wouldn't have cheaped out on these engineering short cuts the prelude would have almost been considered honda's "supercar" in my opion.


List of "mods":

-Authentic mugen twin loop cat-back
-Injen short ram intake
-5% tint
-phuckin stickers

-Tein Coilover's for 1.5'-2' drop
-Thunderblue paint job
-Bronze rota's, volks, enkei's, zigs, whatever i can find!(ap1's would work too)
-Front lip, painted as well
-Acura integra type-r rear wing
-halo headlights
-square, red mudflaps (gets dirty here in Alberta)
-Stick shift boot
-Mugen shift mod
-stock red mugen floor mats (saw them once on ebay)
-S2000 seats
-New upgraded clutch
-Brembo drilled and slotted rotors
-AEM fuel rail
-Skunk2 Throttle body & Intake manifold
-AEM V2 intake
-High flow cat

Bigger goals:

Originally wanted to go for internals, maybe rebuild the head. I said phuck that too expensive and time consuming. So then I thought about just poppin a JRSC on at 6psi with stock internals, not enough boost to justify it's price, install, and mpg. So now I kind of have my heart set on poppin a 50 bottle on Nos or Zex into the intake and running it on a Throttle Position trigger set up. Basically I want to go faster without having to rebuild/swap the motor. if any of you could put in your 0.2 cents that would be tremendously appreciated.

The next things on my to do list are wheels, headlights, and suspension, so I'll keep all of you posted!

Final Thoughts:

If I'm being rediculas anywhere in this thread just let me know. All I truely strive for when it comes to my car goals is a little bit of umph when you step on it, and some sleek sexiness. So thanks for the interest if your reading this!

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ya i wish i culd have a 5th gen as my first car. i got a POS 90 s10 blazer lol but man the love/hate relationship will turn in2 just a love relationship and the hate will go away lol just keep ur goals in mind and set it 2 it. keep up the work man

on a side note, sir rex where u from in VA?

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bought the mugen exhaust from a guy in edmonton, with the original receipt and shipping paperwork :D but that type R is incredibly clean, my buddy aid up the ass for it cause it was unfucked and rare as shit, this 40 year old guy chinced him though and took out the suspension, and rims. And as far as goals go I'm currently working on finding a type r wing (very hard :/ ) and I'm also trying to track down some 5x114.3 bronze 17's or 18's with summers on them! I'll keep ya guys posted and post pics of any interesting updates! Thanks so much for the comments, really love the Lude community!
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