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I've looked out there and haven't found a topic that is the same situation as mine.

I have a '99 SH I have dumped MASSIVE money into ($20k under the hood). This turbo project is being calked up as a failure due to crappy "machinists". My first engine blew up on the dyno after about 4 pulls, then I had another engine built for me. The dyno shop said the ECU should be tuned enough to get my 300 mile break-in done, but it never ran right, always pegged lean. I'm done with this car, I can't spend any more on it, so I'm trying to sell it. I won't go into all the details but here is the shortened list of what I have...
- H22A sleeved block
- Wiseco 88mm 8.5:1 pistons
- Eagle rods
- 255lph pump
- T2T4 trans
- RC 750cc injectors
- Real P72 refreshed by Hondata and boost-by-gear installed
- Hondata S300 V2
- Wideband

It will be harder asking ~$10k for a car that runs like crap at best, regardless of what is on it. I was wondering if I can put the stock injectors, ECU, upstream O2 & MAP back in it and run 5psi max without blowing it up? I'm only trying to get it to the point where I can move it without pushing it and small test drives (no red line). I'm not going to put $500+ more into a tune, I can't. This last year has been like Charlie Brown running to kick the football then it gets yanked out from under him.
I know I need to get a tune to be safe, but my situation is different, so we can skip that talk.

Thanks in advance.
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