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Hi there, first post yo's.

So, every 7-14 days the following occurs:
1) I smell burning oil
1.Sometimes) My oil pressure indicator light on the dash begins to flicker.
2) Only once I stop and turn the car off I hear a hissing coming from around the throttle body.
3) Simultaneously my engine coolant in it's entirety comes from a location that is invisible to me and hits the ground. FAST.

This event has no constant variable. It doesnt happen every time I use the car. I use my car all day every day.

The radiator does not function like it should. Meaning the coolant never visibly flows. The radiator fans only engage intermittently and only when the A/C button is on. And when the A/C button is on, the radiator cap never gets hot and even when the engine temp is warm and has been running for 30+minutes I can take it right off (when the A/C button is on)

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