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Hampton Roads area. 2 different s2000 part outs just started. I have already contacted both sellers to confirm.

SENT - "Hey. I know you said that the front right headlight is shot, but do you by any chance know if the projector inside was destroyed along with it? If not, I would be interested in getting both of the lights. Also did the airbag deploy? I would be interesting in the steering wheel as well."

RESPONSE - "Projector looks fine. Just the housing is bad. Make an offer."

SENT - "If you still have the AP1 headlights I am interested. I am curious what part of the plastic is broken?"

RESPONSE - "They are pretty much useless as headlights the hids and projectors are really what I'm selling"

***That posting says $100 for AP1 Projectors and HIDs or Best Offer.

I was interested in both of these but getting my Prelude to pass inspection on a budget has taken priority. I hope someone local can take advantage.
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