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So, I've been digging around the past few days and I was originally planning to do an AP1 cluster as there is a clear guide on how to do it. And before I move on, I'd like to clear something up that I haven't been able to find an answer to. Following this guide:
Would the cluster have any issues with the temp or fuel? I'm aware that the temp converter is used, but does it actually work and does anything need to be done for the fuel?

Now onto my plans and where I could use some help to single this all down into a nice resource for when I'm ready. I'm willing to do all the wiring work and obviously installing it myself, my issue here is where I could find a bezel/shroud or whatever you want to call it to fit the cluster properly as I'm not good at fabrication. Does anybody know someone who can make one for me?

Next, when it does come to the Fuel, does anybody know how to properly make it work with the prelude or is it plug and play?

Lastly, another thing I've read is that it's easier to reprogram the AP1 Odometer to match your mileage. People have said that only Honda Dealers can change the mileage of the AP2 clusters if you have the vehicle with matching VIN(which obviously I wouldn't have). This isn't something i'd particularly mind if i couldn't do, but it's nice to have your true miles isn't it? So would someone know how to do this on my own or at some nearby shop if I don't have the tools required?
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