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Is a mk3 4WS (4 Wheel Steering) retrofit onto a mk5 possible?

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Hello everyone,

As the title states, I was curious to know whether or not the 3rd gen (1988-1991) Honda Prelude 4WS Steering system (4WS Steering Subframe, Steering Rack+Pinion [both front and rear], Rear 4WS Gearbox, Rear 4WS components) is able to be retrofitted (by weld, cut, bend, duct tape, gorilla glue, etc.) onto a 5th gen (1997-2001) Honda Prelude?

Nevermind the scrupulous details about the fitment, but what I'm more curious about is whether it could be done or not (and no I do not have unlimited amounts of money). I was looking at the general information and since the 4WS is completely mechanical, I figured it would be a "bolt-on" or almost a "Plug-n-play" type of deal..

Am I smoking too much shit? Or am I on to something?? Let me know yall. Thanks!

Photo for attention grab.

mk3 Suspension setup
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5th Gen Steering Subframe
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5th gen Steering Rack+pinion system
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5th Gen REAR suspension diagram
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It could be done, but not bolt on.

I fit the 3rd gen 4WS system onto a 91 NSX so I have some idea of the work required to do something like this.

It would require an experienced fabricator, that also has understanding of steering and suspension. Probably looking at high four figures to pay someone to do it, most of that labor. There are a few paths it could be accomplished but they all require lots of custom work.

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Like MustardCat said its possible, but you would need to modify the front subframe and position the 4WS rack low enough and probably cut out a hold to accommodate the rear rack spline on the rack, and a bunch of other stuff.

If you do all the work yourself and have the tools and know how, then go for it, if not, then do not even try cause that NSX was a bear too accomplish.
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