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So recently I came on to a pair of racing seats for the awesome price of $20. They were brand new so I figured what the hell, turns out online there going for $400. But anyway, I wasnt about to throw a pair of knockoff seats into my lude' to replace my s2k's so I figured I would just use them as gaming chairs. Then a few days ago one of my...larger friends sat in my computer chair and snapped the back off of it. Since Im in college and Im at my desk whenever Im home I decided it would be a neat idea to turn one of the seats into a computer chair. This is a short little DIY with a couple pictures, if you have any questions or need any help at all feel free to PM me.


-Broken computer chair

-Racing Seat

-I needed a 15x15" 3/4" thick piece of plywood
-8 M8x1.25mm 40mm bolts
-8 large washers
-4 M8x1.25mm nuts
-4 Smaller washers

-Assorted drill bits
-Spray paint for the wood to make it cleaner

-First start by flipping the chair over and measuring where the rails bolts too. After getting this measurement drill holes accordingly into the wood. Once the wholes are drilled use 4 large washers and 4 large bolts to bolt the piece of wood to the bottom of the seat

-Next take the base of the computer chair and center it on the piece of wood, mark the 4 holes and drill. Be sure it is center so the chair is balanced.

-Now your going to put the bolts thru with the large washers on the end of the head of the bolt. Now tighten the base down using the 4 nuts and small washers. You have to bolt the base of the computer chair to the wood first because if you bolt the wood to the base of the seat first there would be no way to tighten the bolts. Once the computer chair base is tightened flip the wood upside down and simply reuse the 4 large bolts and large washers to hold the wood to the bottom of the seat.

-And here is the final product

Overall it is pretty comfy, and everyone who see's it loves it. The price of the materials were just under $20 from home depot. So after it was all said and done I ended up spending just under $40 and I still have an extra seat for shits and gigs. Not to bad considering racing seat computer chairs go for $300+. The only thing I would suggest different is instead of using a wooden base try to use a metal. I wanted this to just be and quick cheap build so I opted against it. If you do use wood just make sure to use 3/4" thickness at least, I almost went with the 1/2" but after putting a little weight on it with my foot in Home Depot I decided to go with the 3/4". Any questions or comments feel free to reply or PM me!

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I use my chair way too often to skimp on quality. I won a DX Racer seat from a NeedForSeat Facebook giveaway and after talking to one of the salesman, I ended up with one of their XL series chairs. I`m about 6`1" and any tall person will tell you that most of the stuff made in this world is made for smaller people lol. So I was really happy to hear they made larger chairs that could actually give me support. The chair is super comfortable and it`s got a lot of adjustable settings (like lumbar support, arm rest height, etc etc)
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