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It's been over 4months since ive put my lude on the road, everything has been great except one small flaw.
At random (intermittenly, regardless of how hot, cold, or wet it is outside, nothing seems to affect it) i get in my car i start her up and wait my usual 2-3mins till she warms up a bit, then i take off driving shifting low till i get on the streets and this is where the engine may or may not bog while under acceleration
Now let me explain its not the kind of boggin you get as if your tps was broken or the governor was limiting your rpm.

Its a certain kind of VERY short bog while over 2k-w/e rmp range and only happens when Slighly accelerated not at full throddle. its almost as if u were runnin outta gas and was runnin on fumes really short random boggs

Well here is the trick, if i pull over and unplug the ECU fuse for 30secs and start back up the car runs perfect.....
What the hell ????

things that are checked and replaced with new OEM parts:
02sensor (NTK)
TPS sensor( with the whole TB)
fuel pump, filter(OEM)(stays at ~35psi)
Dist carp /plugs/wires(NTKs)

why does this happen at random? wuts causing the ECU to do this??

btw: my whole AC unit is removed.

- only thing id like to know about that i dont know is what EXACTLY does the CYL sensor do? that big ass bulky sensor on the exhaust cam? i know its got somtn to do with the ECU's controll of the ignition but why the fuck is it adjustable?? and how to i adjust it back to correct position?

sorry for makin it so long

any help greatly appreciated!
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