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Hello everyone
Just purchased a 92 4th gen. I Love the car and glad I pulled the trigger on this one. 3rd month working at a honda dealer as a lube tech so I got access to parts and tools but these vets are slammed with work they get irritated when interrupted.
So just discovered a mountain of electrical issues. I knew what I’m getting into buying it on the low almost a steal ($1500).
once I drove it off the seller’s driveway, discovered the turn signals aren’t working on dash or outside. Also, Brake lights weren’t illuminating. Just headlight and tail lights were on.
continued driving and got to the dealer, checked the fluids and put it on a lift. For a car parked that long, it was pretty clean under. Dropped oil and coolant and put a new oil and coolant in.
So to burb the new coolant I was waiting for engine to come temp so fan kicks on.
I waited long enough but no action. I went under the hood to troubleshoot. Checked the fuse box but the cooling fan fuse and relays were removed previously.
I also went to the fan and traced a strange wire from the fan all the way to a toggle switch next to the steering wheel that turns the cooling fan on and off manually.
Tried to contact the seller but I think he’s shy about not pointing out these issues so no reply.
Oh yeah also the engine temp gauge and fuel gauge aren’t working but my focus right now is to get the engine cooling fan working automatically with the thermostat and secondary get the turn signals and brake lights to work again.
any help to point me at any direction would be greatly appreciated.
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