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If you have been following my recent posts, you may have noticed that I am in the process of wiring the projector retrofit that prelude1897 did for me, while at the same time building a turbo kit. My problem was this: there was hardly any room under my hood to install extras such as H. I. D. ballasts, a turbo air intake, or oil catch can. Well, I got tired of that crap and decided to relocate my battery to the trunk of the car today. To be on the safe side, I just wanted to see if you guys could read over what I did and what supplies I used and give me your opinions before I put the car back on the road.

In the trunk, I have a black plastic battery box with a lid that is screwed down to the trunk floor in four places. The battery is a group 51 from a Honda Civic, and it has Tsunami block-style battery terminals ( the big thick ones with the plastic covers ).

From the negative terminal, I have a 0-gauge ground wire that is grounded to the frame near the trunk area. I also have a 4-gauge ground wire that is grounded on the rear passenger's-side strut tower, and two 8-gauge ground wires that are grounded to the car's body sheet metal inside the trunk. All of these wires are Tsunami wires.

From the positive terminal, I have a 4-gauge Tsunami wire running all the way to the engine compartment. I ran this wire on the interior of the car, underneath the rear seat and the carpet. The wire is ran along the passenger's-side frame rail, and I made sure to leave a lot of play in the wire so that it will not get stretched should someone jerk on it from the engine bay. This wire is ran through the firewall with the factory wiring harness through the same grommet as the factory wiring harness. After it reaches the engine bay, it goes into a Tsunami distribution block. The Tsunami distribution block has four 8-gauge outputs. I ran two of the 8-gauge wires to the fuse box, and the other two 8-gauge wires to the starter motor ( yes, you are reading correctly... both the power terminal on the starter and the power terminal on the fuse box have two power wires ran to them from the distribution block ).

Up front, I used another Tsunami 8-gauge wire to ground the transmission. This wire is mounted on the transmission ( where the factory ground wire was ) and runs to the radiator core support ( where the other factory ground wire was ). I wanted to make sure that I retained the original ground points just to be on the safe side.

So there it is guys... tell me what you think. Do you see any problems?
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