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I know im pullin a Garrett here but i neeeeed people to take a look and see if somebody wants any of this stuff , behead me if you must Trav but i need people to atleast take a look and P/M me lol.

Custom Welded Intake - $45
LED A/F gauge -$25
Pacesetter Headers-$75 OBO
274 JG Engine Dynamics cam(rare)-$100 OBO
Port and Polished Head w/ 3-angle valve job - $100 but throw me some offers
2 Stock cams - $20 a peice
Stock springs -$30 for all
Monza resonator - $20
DTM muffler - $25
Sony 6 disk cd changer - $20

lots more and will have pics up later tonight

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Give me the intel. on that A/F gauge.

What is it? What it looks like. What does it do?
Who made it? Got a model number for it? What size is it?
Is it round, square, rectangular?
Got a PICTURE of it?

Put me first in line for cause I'm very interested in it.
(and I should write test 'cause all I got is questions) :smile: :turn:

Can you give me a 'ditto' on the 6 disc cd changer?
What will it connect up to? And all those otehr questions. LOL:tongue:
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