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Hey Guys.
So, I'm turning to the mechanical of my 3rd gen.
I love it, I've been dailying it for 6 months... and even though it drives fantastic....
It's an auto and can feel a bit boring to drive.
Now... I have another parts car with a manual so I decided to do the swap soon...
and because I'm doing the swap... I'm going to do seals and timing belt (180k)... What the heck...

But now I'm on the kick... I decided to do everything I wanted to do....
SO I'm going to turbo it...
Please no negative comments.
I live in Sydney Australia and thing are very different here...
for one... I will need a $900 engines certificate for it to be road legal
and it will have to look as OEM as possible. Pollution and everything.
And yes it's worth it for me... and I'm happy to go though a whole lot of hassle to get a few extra horse...
I'm happy to run 5-6 psi
I am looking at doing an engine rebuild while I'm at it... but with as many OEM parts and only will upgrade if its only absolutely necessary.
Keeping AC and power steering. And doing all the work and Fab myself.
I want a good daily with more zip... not a track car... My other 3rd gen is a H22... I don't want to go down that track.

SO... with all that in mind... I would love advice and experiences...




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Why not start with asking the guys who turbo in Australia what they do to turbo their cars?
They can point you in that direction since you are Aussie specific.

Because there is no OE turbo setup here in the US, its all custom made and built.
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