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Hey all,

Problem: Passenger side window will not roll up from divers side nor passenger side. No issue with driver window.

Troubleshooting thus far:

1. Checked all relays and fuses for the power windows and they are fine. I even bought a used driver foot well fuse panel w/ relays.

2. Bought a new passenger side switch, but that didn't work when I installed it.

3. I bought a voltage test light and tried it out. I have power to the pin on the passenger window switch connector. I connected the passenger window switch and tested for power on the two prong connector( after the switch) that interfaces with the window motor harness connector. I tried the switch in the up and down positions and my test light worked indicating power is being sent through the switch.

4. I put power directly from the battery to the window motor harness connector and the motor will run the window up and down.

It appears I'm getting power to the window motor pigtail. The motor also works with direct power from the battery. Why doesn't the circuit worked when connected together?? Am I missing something? I don't entirely understand what the multiplex units do, but if I have power to the last connector before the motor wiring harness connector I suspect those aren't the issue.
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