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Here's my car!!!

And a famous picture taken by me while I was doing my 5speed swap

Current Mod List
Carbon Wrapped SRI
Apex'i N1 Catback
Mizu Aluminum Radiator
Mizu Fan Shroud
Mizu Slim Fans
Honda EGR Blockoff Plate
Nissan RB25 Turbo (Purchased)
Welded Internal Wastegate Flapper/Removed Internal Wastegate
Ceramic Coated and Ported Drag Manifold (Purchased)
Raceland Electric Exhaust Cutout (Purchased)
Custom Breather Can/Valvecover Setup (Purchased)
BPI Flowstack w/ Matching K&N Filter (Purchased)
Tial 38mm Wastegate (Purchased)
Tial Q Blow Off Valve (Next Summer)
Treadstone Charge Piping (Next Summer)
Oil Cooler (Next Summer)

5 speed swap
Competition Clutch Stage II Clutch Kit
Competition Clutch 12lb Steel Flywheel
PSpec Short Shifter Kit
JTC Customs Shift Extender
LSD Tranny (next summer)
Competition Clutch Twin Disk Clutch (Maybe)

Chipped p28 equivalent w/ Dual Map (Purchased)
AEM Digital Wideband (Next Summer)
AEM Digital Boost Gauge (Next Summer)
AEM Digital Oil Pressure Gauge (Next Summer)

Tein Superstreet Coilovers w/ Pillow ball Upper mounts
ESP 2 Point Front Strut Bar
ESP 4 Point Rear Strut Bar
ESP Traction Bar w/ Front Torque Mount
Progress Rear Sway Bar (Next Summer)
Innovative 95a Motor Mounts (Eventually)

Seibon CF Hood
Seibon CF Trunk
OEM Optional Lip Kit
JDM Window Visors
Replica JDM Fogs
Lighterfaster Carbon Sunroof Plug (Purchased)
Aerocatch Hood Pins w/ PW:JDM Mounting Plates (Purchased)
PW:JDM Hood Risers (Purchased)

NRG Deep Dish Steering Wheel
NRG 2.5 Quick Release
NRG Short Hub
NRG Hub Lock
PW:JDM Balanced Shift Knob
CTR Shift Boot
Honda Access Radio Delete
A-Pillar Dual Gauge Pod (Purchased)
Corbeau Forza Racing Seat (next summer)
Corbeau A4 Reclining Racing Seat (next summer)
G-Force 5-Point Racing Harnesses (next summer)
Autopower Race Roll Bar (next summer)
Autopower Seat Back Brace (next summer)
Switch Board (next summer)

Wheels and Tires:
17x7.5 +42 Gramlight 57maximum's (For Sale)
Falken Ziex ze512's 215/40/17
17x8 +45 Enkei RPF1's (next summer)
Falken RT615k's 235/40/17 (next summer)

PW:JDM Reservoir Covers
PW:JDM VTEC Solenoid Cover
PW:JDM Carbon Spark Plug Cover
PW:JDM Spark Plug Wire Separator
Shocker Oil Cap
Optima Redtop Battery
JTC Cooling Plate
Summit Battery Relocation (Purchased)
Moroso Battery Charge Terminals (Purchased)
Summit Battery Kill Switch (Purchased)
Lots of Reflective Tape and Ceramic Coating
PTP Black Turbo Blanket (Purchased)

Weight Reduction:
CF Hood
CF Trunk
ESP Traction Bar
Removed OEM Spoiler
Removed Radio
Removed Speakers
Removed Trunk Interior
Removed Spare and Tools
Removed Rear Interior
Removed Rear Seat belts
Steering Wheel
Removed Cruise Control
Removed Carpet
Removed AC
Removed Windshield Wiper Fluid/Squirters
Removed EGR
Removed EVAP
Removed Visors
Removed Miles of Wire
Removed Various Bolts and Brackets
Removed Vibration Damper
Removed Sound Deadener (Soon)
Sunroof Delete (Soon)
Removed Headliner (Soon)
Removed Passenger Airbag (Soon)

Sky's out, thighs out
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I am 18. It takes me a year to save up for anything because my parents won't let me get a job until next semester when I'm basically out of high school. I save every penny and don't eat lunch and wait for my birthday and christmas so I can ask for some money. I am truely jewish financially.

Thanks though, this swap should be fun

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good job. i got mine when i was 16 all riced out and was in the same financial situation and have kept on turning it out for the better.

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Wow what a transformation from what it was to what it is. You made your car look like it is now with the way you obtain money or you sold your subs and crap?

Sky's out, thighs out
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^ Mainly saving every penny. Right now I have $260 in quarters that none of my friends or family wants. I sold the wheels, the subs and 2 amps are for sale if anyone wants them.

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Wow. Thats a butt load of quaters. Must weight alot! If i did what your doing with saving your money i would be as thin as a tooth pick and would die of thirst, due to the fact that i prolly drink more water than a camel.

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Im burnt out on drinking mountain dew and stuff. Ramen noodles ftw!! I lived off of those things for a whole summer when my dad was at work. Only thing i knew how to cook at the time. Now i can cook alot of stuff, but im too lazy to clean anything so i stick to mostly hot pockets and anything microwaveable. Lol.

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dudddeeeeee what is that thing you removed? Is that the thing mounted up front by the horn? wth is it??

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I am a MD fiend and I am in the same food boat as you
lol thats funny. But I do cook occasionally or I'll go get tacobell or canes. but mostly tacobell.

Sky's out, thighs out
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Alright so I have all of the 5 speed parts I need except the shift linkage, pedal assemblies, and the master cylinder. All of which I am picking up on Sunday.

This weekend or early next week I am ordering an Exedy stage 1 organic clutch kit and a fidanza 8lb flywheel. I will be rockin this stage 1 clutch kit till I go boost, which will be after college, then I will upgrade to something a little more Chuck Norris.

Plans for the motor this upcoming year are a custom 3" exhaust, Bisi header, Skunk2 intake manifold, skunk2 throttle body, some various upgrades to other stuff I can't remember right now, and an AEM EMS with tune. I am going with this setup to get some decent power seeing that this is my dd until I can afford a full H22 turbo build and another car to replace it as my dd. All of these parts minus the header will also transfer over to my turbo build.

As for the rest of the car I have too much stuff to do with the tranny and motor so the exterior, interior, and suspension are being put on hold unless I can get a good deal on a progress rear sway in the late summer or something.

Sky's out, thighs out
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Picked up the shift linkage, pedals, and master cylinder today so all I need is the clutch kit, flywheel, and I am getting a pspec ss for the hell of it.

I must say taking out the clutch pedal was fucking annoying......
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