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Hello fellow Luders, Last year on my way home from looking at a overpriced misfiring 01 civic my buddy hit me about a prelude for sale.... uh What?? (never seen one) Looked at the pic n was like damn that's sexy, Long story short i picked up a 98 5sp Base 177k that needs some TLC... well maybe a little bit more

Minor issues
Little bit of bodywork
vtec gasket
oil pan gasket
valve cover gasket/hardware
oil cooler gasket-Fixed :grin:
Dizzy o-ring internal(NOK)/external-Fixed :grin:
EGR Port cleaning
a/c relay??
clear turn signals-fixed :grin:
maybe some more?

Major issues
valve tick/whack?? needs adjustment
complete timing belt/water pump change at 180k
cam cap seals (since other seals are dried n cracked)
cam shaft seals ^
balance shaft seal ^
front/rear main seals ^
balance pulley wobbles?
throw out bearing (drops my rpm down by 1-200 rpm clutch disengaged)
clutch kit
2nd gear synchro is gone!! (red flag BRAIN... are u listening!)
full brake change/brake flushed, black color
full suspension kit/bushings (dry rotted)
spark plugs are white, all 4 ngk

My words too the previous owner "I hope u rot in the deepest parts of %$&#" You ran this car too the ground!

I have alot of work ahead of me but it should be easier thanks too this great forum and Haynes manu so wish me luck!

P.S. If anyone lives in the midwest ohio area that wants to trade cold beer for advice i would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT, i have very little knowledge of honda's.


spark plugs-
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