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Hey guys new here just looking for bit of advice on my 97 lude has around 220km

so I’ve had trouble with idle issues an always have code for egr I’ve cleaned both fitv, iacv an egr (as best I could without drilling out ports)
And idle got better. Then one morning I got a no start so I changed plugs, wires, dizzy rotor an cap ( plugs were shot cap an rotor rusty an build up). no start after all that. found out bearing went on alternator. After replacing alternator an new battery it worked for a week an flashed a code po302 misfire cylinder 2.
An that’s where I’m at now. Just did compression test
1. 130
2. 60
3. 80
4. 130
From here I’m gonna do leak down test an go from there any suggestions or input would be much appreciated
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