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Car was driving with a low-RPM sputter, drove fine when accelerating.

Decided to change the spark wires to HE77 NGK's and the old wires were literally falling apart as I removed them.

The 5th wire leading to the ignition coil was so corroded it appears to have never been changed (93) and upon removing the wire, the second winding terminal was corroded and filled with debris.

I replaced the coil, but still not starting. The wires are set up exactly like the manual shows.

What could I have screwed up with this simple change that would cause the car to no longer start? Everything works, I just get no spark. Fuel pump primes, engine turns.

I'm a noob, obviously... but I'm running out of ideas. My only guess is that the connector for the NGK coil wire isn't long enough. It doesn't sit flush on the ignition coil, but I don't have anything to compare.

Edit: leaning towards grounding problem. The starter has a spark run across it when initially turning the key. What wires could cause this? The wiring is a nightmare and I can't find a good picture online showing me what to look for.
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