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I had a profile on the photo section but now it's going to be a build thread so going to put my pictures here..

So when I got my Type-S it looked like this:


JDM Prelude SiR Type-S

Engine & Suspension
H22A Red Top engine 217bhp
BB6 Chassis with Active Torque Transfer Unit (ATTS)
BC Racing coil overs
Rear Tanabe Anti-roll bars
Fully Poly bushed

Honda Navigation System + 6 cd changer
Digital climate control
Half Leather half Alcantra seats
Yellow needles
Carbon fibre panels
Under dash lights
Shiny door plates
Red carpet with Red centre console

Type-S lip
Motegi rear lip
Bonnet Spoiler
High rise spoiler
OEM wheels (what become standard SH wheels for you guys)
'Prelude' Decal in the rear screen. (Extremely rare)
Rear fog light in one of the reverse lights

Some more pictures:

SiR Type-S by Nitin.Photography., on Flickr

Then I got rid of the High rise spoiler for an even rare S-Spec spoiler (Mid-wing). Love the S-Spec spoiler so much.

I tried to detail the car. I never used polish/wax before so it was a first for me. Spent 3 hours cleaning..

At the moment, the car is looking like this.

Wheels/Tyres: 16X7 Rota Torques in Bronze with semi-slick tyres

Carbon Fibre bonnet. At first I didn't want the CF bonnet showing but now it's going on me.

I put the Red carpet and Red interior centre console. I wanted it a bit of Red to break up all the black in the interior.

Car also has a custom rear strut brace that looks identical to the front oem strut brace.

Future mods:

Accord Type-R brake conversion - They have the bigger callipers with dual piston and I can use 300mm discs.

Innovative Engine Mounts - 65A hardness for both street and track (auto-cross) in the future.

I have the Big optional side skirts and front lip that I will put on the car.

Hope you like it.. Do I get nominated for Prelude of the month? :D

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Very nice! Is the center console bezel around the radio and what not an OEM piece?
Yes that is all OEM. Sat-Nav, radio and heater controls are all integrated in that screen. :headbang:

Might want to watch out for those innovative 65As. They wear out quickly, even on stock setups.
I have heard about them. Not sure what to believe at the moment. My friend has them on his Prelude here in the UK and they have been fine for a year. Must just be one person who has spread the rumours. lol. Even if they fail, I have a full warranty on them. :D

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Time for a small update.. :arrow:

I wanted my car to look half decent at Honda show/meet which is coming up at the end of the month so got sorting out the small visual issues on the car.

Firstly, I removed the scuttle panel which was looking really dull/grey and made the whole engine bay look outdated. Took that out to spay it black. At the same time I sprayed the battery tie down bar and also the vipers. Sorry didn't take a picture of the things before I sprayed them but you know how it would look in grey. So pictures of them during their spray session and after..

And after the panel fitted back. [while the panel was off the car, I cleaned the under the area which it was covering. Treated some surface rust with Krust and took out all the gunk/leaves etc]

Next on the list was the window rubber seals. :arrow:

Cleaned with rough bit of the sponge with ordinary car washing shampoo, dried off, masked off the car and sprayed with black bumper spray [can bought from Halfords]

At the same time I did the window rubber seals I did the roof trim pieces too.. I'm not sure what the previous owner(s) have done but one of the piece was covered in some sort of bathroom sealant. That was an absolute pain the arse to take off and it got stuck on everything that it touched. Still keep calm and carry on.. Got rid of that and re-sprayed and put back together and also cleaned the area that it was covering.

Haven't got pictures of the finished product. I will clean the car and try to do a mini detail and then take picture. But just by doing these little things the car looks really great.

Next on the list was the front bumper. As you know one guy in a Ford reversed into me and this gave the front bumper a small dent and a huge scuff mark, this made the car look really bad. While I was taking off the bumper, I managed to break the connectors for the fog lights (both them) so just waiting for some new connectors to come and that will all go back together.

While the bumper was off the car, I took this time to take out the resonator box and also cleaned up any surface rust and dirt.

Old bumper with Type-S lip :arrow: (Yes we had dinner in the garden as Prelude took priority over dining table :p )

Bumper with JDM lip (sorry about this over exposed pic but that was the only one I had on the iPhone). My 'Type-S' front grill badge was also chipped so replaced it with 'Prelude' badge. You can see it in the picture.

As I was waiting for the new fog light connectors to turn up via eBay, I had been looking at the headlights :think: One was perfect but the other one had some sort of white fog from underneath the lens.. Not sure how that happened but it was like this when I got it. So I thought let me take them out the car while everything is off and just open them up. If I can't get them back together then Cebul was going to offer me his better condition headlight lens (thanks mate).

It was really easy to open them up and I don't know why I didn't do this earlier. Oven on 200 degrees for 10 minutes and then turn it off, then put the headlight in the oven on top of a cloth, close the oven door, leave in there for 7 minutes and take them out. The just open them up with flat head screw driver.. There are lots of pictures on the internet and Ratty was also helping via texts just incase I got stuck with something. Pictures of the progress.

Spraying them up and closing them up. (closing them up was the same procedure: heat in the oven to soften the sealant)

H1 bulbs and LED Side light replacement:
I replaced the H1 bulbs as some of them broke while I was pulling too hard and I replaced the side lights for some LED bulbs. For reference the bulb for the side lights is 501. Sorry no pictures of the complete products but I will take lots when everything is back on and the car is cleaned.

New JDM Number plate:
The old number plate was too big and also had lots of chips so ordered a new one from Demon Plates. The new size is a bit smaller then this so should look good. [330mm x 152mm].

Just waiting for the fog light connectors to come through now so I can fit them and drop the car off at the body shop to get the front bumper/lip re-sprayed. Then I can detail the car and looking a bit better for the Honda meet/show. :arrow:

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good updates man, nice work!

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Gorgeous car!

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Niceee work Nitin! Glad you took off that 'very' high rise spoiler. Keep up the good work. Painting/plasti-dipping the window trimmings and removing the resonator are on my list to do for this summer. :)

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Finally got the H3C connectors that I got off eBay last week. These connectors are the same as H1 too and I think I could have just used a simple wire to connect but this way I can now take them off/on more easily. So now it's the bulb, the connector with wire going in to the plastic connector thing (I don't have soldering bits so just used these) and that goes straight in the orange/black wires of the car. See pic.

And how it attached to the car.. (I can take these off/on easier then if I was to connect it straight with a wire)

Great now that's all out of the way.. It's been a week since I had the bumper off and it was my fault for pulling the connector out of the fogs very harshly and breaking it.. My fault.. But now it's all done and bumper back on..

The bumper is out of place a bit and that's because the guy who reversed in to me had knocked it off it's supports. :evil: Hopefully the body shop garage will sort that out.

While my hands were dirty and had all the tools out I had been wanting to replace my rear number plate bulb for a long time. The bulb was really crap and there was hardly any light coming out of it. I took out the holder to see this.

The lens is completely covered in dirt and it's probably never ever been changed in it's life. Took it out, cleaned it, WD40 on the screws & mounting area and it was as good as new. Threw out the OEM old style bulb (501 - is the one to get if anyone is wondering) and replaced with 501 LED bulb.. Much better and brighter white light and also I cleaned the lens cover so it was letting more light through as well.

Now off to the body shop. :arrow: :burn: :thefinger_red:

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After a long time I decided to wash and clean the car today.. I had got some products to use from Halfords vouchers etc :twisted:

This is what the car looked like. :? (NSFW)

Hadn't been washed in a long time, all that sahara dust had built up on the car too and also a lot of j2szz stains.

Before I got the hose pipe out and got everything wet, I concentrated on the interior. Hoovered, cleaned carpets etc etc. Applied some glass window cleaner for the glass and also Meguair's Interior cockpit cleaner for the insides. I also cleaned the leather seats with some leather cleaner that I had in the house that we use to clean our sofas lol. Sorry no pictures of the interior but will take some at the Mimms :twisted:

Firstly I decided to clean the Alloys wheels. They were so dirty that they were beginning to look black instead of Rota Bronze. :x Plus the tyre was really grey which let the whole car down.

I got some Meguair's All wheel cleaner to use on the wheel plus a alloy wheel cleaner from Halford's 'cheap part bin' for 99p.. (Bargain ftw)

Couldn't believe how effective it was. I'm sure there are other brands out there which are probably cheaper and even more effective but I got this for real cheap so can't fault that.

Next out some Demon Shine snow foam.

Next just washed it with ordinary Turtle wax car shampoo that I had lying around. Washed with two bucket method :cool:

Next was my first attempt at Clay. I had a Meguair's clay starter kit (again from Halfords). I liked it and will use again in some area that I didn't get the chance to. Made the car extra smooth :eek: :cool: :twisted:

There was a lot of dirt on the paint even though I just washed it :|

Then washed the whole car again and dried. After I applied some wax :cool:

I cleaned the exhaust tips too. I didn't have any autosol or metal polish so just cleaned with elbow grease instead. (Note the little dent on the right tip :( )

The only let down was the tyres. They were grey so applied some Meguair's Tyre gel.. omg this stuff is awesome and smells really good too. :twisted:

Before tyre gel:

After tyre gel:

Some pictures of the car after it's first proper bath.

I'm finally liking cleaning my car and now I have a bit more cleaning stuff then just a shampoo that I used to have. I also have the DAS6 Polisher that I will use sometimes in the future, there wasn't any time for me to use that as was busy with work. This is my collection so far, I will add more after i've read some reviews and experimented my self too.

Things to do in the future:-
- Paint the CF bonnet to OEM colour
- Bonnet Spoiler
- Rust on the arches sorted
- Fix the sagging front bumper

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Some arty farty shots of the Interior of my Type-S. :twisted: :cool: :mrgreen:

I got everything that I wanted now in my Interior:
- Honda Navigation System + 6 cd changer (it doesn't work but still keeping it)
- Digital climate control (It's different to the other controls as some controls are in the Sat-nav unit)
- Half Leather half Alcantra seats
- Yellow needles
- Carbon fibre panels (Window switches and Radio surround)
- JDM SiR Red Carpet (added on 2013)
- JDM SiR Red Centre console (added on 2013)
- Carbon Fibre Speedo/cluster surround (added on 2014)

Things I still need to complete it:
- OEM Type-S gear knob with gaiter
- There are some scratches in the door cards and some parts so I can replace them in the future
- I might get the Red mats

I just used Meguiars interior cleaner to clean the cockpit, some leather cleaner to clean the leather seats and some California scents.


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Not done any major modifications but just keeping an update on my profile thread. :D

On Ludegeneration stand at Japfest 2014:

Track photos:

Photos by Mario:

Small service - Car has now done 169,000 :arrow:

- Hamp Oil filter
- Mobil Super 2000 10W40 Semi Synthetic engine oil
- Millers Oil flush (just before I changed the old oil)
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