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Hello all, I picked up a 2000 prelude. It Has 240k yet reasonably well maintained, pretty clean inside and out. I have never owned a prelude before so any tips would be appreciated.

I enjoy driving on backroads and going out to track days so any advice about good performance upgrades would be helpful.

Currently it has Tein basic dampers that have spring rates that are too soft. I bottom out a bit on the backroads so I plan on swapping the springs and raising the ride height a tad. I realize doing a spring swap isnt ideal for these dampers (non adjustable), but its only temporary until I research and decide what other coilovers are worth investing in?

Brake pads, rotors and brake lines definately need an upgrade. I'm also considering doing a full bushing kit, possibly with swaybars and strut braces. (although this chassis feels pretty stiff already) An exhaust upgrade would be nice too, I feel this engine wants to breath better.

I also notice oil seepage around the valve cover gasket and distributor so those need to be changed. There's smoke out of the exhaust at WOT and a burning oil smell sometimes around town. I plan on replacing piston rings and valve seals soon.

I was looking at the service manual, trying to determine how easy it would be to do piston rings by removing the cylinder head and oil pan and leaving the engine in the car? Is this doable?

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