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1991 Honda Prelude Si ALB
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Ok guys so I just picked up a 1991 honda prelude si on Saturday. I picked it up for only $400! It was my neighbors car and she owned it since it was 2 years old. It has 182,000 miles on it. It is not a perfect car but is a pretty nice car for being over 30 years old. It is an automatic, which I wish it was a 5 speed but oh well. I am planning to do a lot to this car including some mods. It does have a battery drain issue, bouncing idle for only a few seconds if you rev it before it is fully warmed up, and the radio is weird. Only the drivers front speaker works normally and the other speakers are barely working. So I don’t know if it is the radio or the speakers.

I do want to do a cai and an exhaust and maybe a front lip and other mods like that to it.

I really appreciate all the help!

By the way I am only 15 years old so this car will be my daily next year. I have 4 opel gts. Those are my true love in cars. 3 of them are being restored right now by my grandpa and I. So I know my way around cars.
Here is a pic of the car in the air since I am working on a squeaky belt.
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Here are my 3 good opel gts. The other one is a parts car so it doesn’t matter.
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