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stereo said:
the immobilizer is a system coded keys,immobilizer control unit ,ecu when the key in turned on the immobilizer unit reads the key if the code is in it's memory it will handshake the ECU and the car will start up if not the immobilizer control unit will cut out the starter and the ECU will cut spark & fuel. since you replaced the ecu with a P28 the car will start without a coded key as long as the starter works or is pushed started. so the immobilizer unit can be disconnected and the 2 starter wires jumped blue and grey wires it will start with any key.
So that explains the green light key flashing on p28 ecu. the immoblizer unit is still there .. wow

I just wanted say that to be a part of the thread i personally still have the stock ecu so you guys can't take my car :)
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