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Hey guys,

You can call me Geno, obviously not my real name. My real name is Shavon, but people call me Geno as a nickname from past endeavors.

I picked up a 91 Prelude 2.0 SI (with a B21 :dontgetit:), over the winter break. I am a college student so the only times I have to work on this car are during the winter and summer breaks. I'm going for my Bachelors in Automotive Technology and only am a year away from graduating!

I plan to do a basic H22 swap for now. I've been going around and getting quotes from various vendors. As a broke college student, I look forward to doing this swap. I'm not sure how clean it will be, but I will try to setup a build thread like many others before me.

The prelude has 470k+ miles on the motor and body. The owner was a regular customer at our shop. It finally broke down when the timing belt snaped, and decided to sell it. It's a very faded red (original paint) and not a single spec of rust on the car.

See you guys soon.
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