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ok so this past xmas break - my car went through hell:butbut:

a huge oil leak
immobilizer went out
had to replace all the keys
hydrolic pump gave out again
timing belt replaced


needless to say - me n my lude are about to have a heavy weight championship bout

so i said fuck it - im beating it at its own game

my friend from wyo-tech is gonna help me rebuild - im talking block, tranny, suspension, and some wire tucking of course lol

now i wanna get a list together before he manages to get back home - and im not exactly the most brainy person on rebuilding under the hood - i just know what things are and what they do.

so my noob question - what parts do i need to rebuild- block parts list is needed the most

i searched my ass off and i couldnt exactly get what i was looking for

thank you for help - noob question haha i know
1 - 5 of 5 Posts