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I have a 95 honda prelude i bought it with a blown H22a1 in it and i just put a JDM H23a in it an its just running like shit its running rich an rough...
This what I've done,
I took every componet off the h22 an put it on the h23 because the wiring harness i had.. Intake distributor injectors, AC, etc.... EVERYTHING...
I Replaced sparkplugs, Map sensor, Throttle position sensor, i have the EGR valve capped off... I got an ECU Tuned from jason waters after telling him what all i got and am using... When i unhook the vacume line on the intake coming from the map sensor it will stay running but when i hook it up it will die sometimes it will just sit there running rough as hell... Any ideas idk wtf to do im no mechanic but i have basic knowledge i put tha motor in myself i can change parts an shit but i cant diagonose tha problem ya know
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