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Hi everyone, this is my first 4th gen, and my first post in the 4th gen forum :)
(I have long had 3rd gens, and currently have an N/A built 91 manual on club plates)

I recently bought a 95 manual VTi-R (Aus delivered) from an old bloke in Tasmania...put it on the ferry and brought her back to the mainland. She was completely stock, and in great condition except for paint fade, a few carpark dents, and a crack in the speedo cover (you can see in the vid). 240ks but still pulling hard and idling smoothly. I don't think the old bloke even new what VTEC was...

When I got her, 4WS was working but in the couple thousand ks I've done, the light has come on increasingly frequently - next step is to remove 4WS computer and resolder.

I had a roadworthy and service done - everything was good to go, no oil leaks - bushes, cv's etc still tight. She has been well looked after.

I found a set of DC Sports 2.5" headers pretty cheap from ebay UK - these ones:
- and had them installed with a full system including hi-flo cat etc. I used a Vibrant ultra-quiet resonator to tame the drone, but it was still fairly painful in the cabin with the sports muffler, so I had that replaced with a tri-flow muffler which has tamed the noise nicely - it feels like I lost a couple HP but that could be just less roar from the exhaust...

I also installed a K&N Performance Air Intake which makes VTEC howl a bit more :smile:

I did a quick and terrible 0-100 vid early this morning - feel free to criticise my conservative take off and slow change to 2nd! Anyway it shows that she still pulls well...wish I had done one with the sports exhaust on for comparison.

More pics to come when I have given her a wash!:

0-100 vid:
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