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My new 4th gen. 95 VTEC

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My old one was stolen on the 12th of december. I really miss it, and still trying to find it. But I bought a 95 VTEC yesterday from a chick who was looking for a 4 door coupe family car.

Here are some pictures.

Yea Yea. I hate the fart can so much. Its not loud but damn it's ugly. I can't wait to get a vibrant muffler and 2.5" piping for this.

Repainted the calipers from that nasty red color, and took out the stock air intake resonator box from the bumper.

Much Better.

Some interior shots. Leather. Some rips.

Anyone have any idea what springs these are? Its height adjustable but no labels. Its not GC because I had them on my old lude and they are nothing like these. They feel like stock spring rate, and all 4 struts feel like they are blown. I am gonna have to replace everything sometime in the spring.

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although its not nearly as good as your old one, shes still a sweet find. I cant find anything like that around here. I know you're gonna do great things with this car

good luck man and keep it up
awesome man, as good as your old one was, id have to say this one is really good, and has potential to be way better :D

Nice to see you found a good car quick man, shes a beauty
nice find and those are cheap ebay coilovers man
When's the bottle go in??? lol You still owe me a ride when its back in! lol
good start. super clean front end. love it!
When's the bottle go in??? lol You still owe me a ride when its back in! lol
Haha. You know. I am not even sure if I want the bottle to go back in. It is running very strong. Oil level is perfect and not black. This is the best running h22 I have ever driven. I might just ditch that DC sport crap and get a proper header along with another AEM V2. Just gonna keep it simple and then get serious during the the late spring and early summer. First serious thing I wanna do though is get a race suspension back in. Plans might change though :sly:. All it takes is one 350z or Mustang GT to show me up. then the kit might go back on the next day. lol.
how much did you pay for it?
The original ad was listed for $4800. I paid $3200 out of my own pocket for it. Heck of a price drop ;)
...are those proxes 4s on the back? or kumhos
...are those proxes 4s on the back? or kumhos
Good guess.
There are 2 Kumho Ecsta's in the rear.
2 shit radials in the front.
and 4 new bfg g-force sport's in my garage.
Car looks good man, cant wait to see it after you make some changes for the better.
nice find man keep it up
That is a nice example there..

Nice and clean.

For some reason i like this wheels! Shame they are aso hard to get here in the uk!
car looks great bro... i know youll miss the other one though... dibbs though if you decide to sell your kit... they look like skunk2 springs but they look more like ebay knock offs
looking good, and i will sell you a passengers seat, because i went cloth
reminds me i need a driver seat lol

anyway nice ride man good to see you caught somewhat of a break and found a very clean lude and as for the bottle put it in along with the race suspension lol might as well show those mustakes and 350s up before they do you
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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