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i have fog lights but i have had them in for almost 3 years now. this problem showed up about 4 months ago.

thank you! lol my mechanic is going to be changing the ignition switch on Monday. he even said it is most likely the switch but hes going to check out everything else.
my car randomly shuts off while driving, no pattern at all. been happening for a while now.

while driving the engine shuts off. lights are still on, radio is still playing, dials all go down and key light blinks.

sometimes car will turn back on instant, sometimes 5 - 7 seconds later and sometimes not at all. i have to pull over, put car in park and turn car back on.

when i turn key more, lights flicker a little.

someone please help!!?!!?!

1998 honda prelude auto 165k
Hey man my 01 prelude just started doing the same thing… did you ever find the problem and solution ?
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