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So here are some epic fail videos. I couldn't get the car to launch like idid before the motor rebuild. Couldn't keep her idling. I was so embarrassed out there.........But keep in mind these runs are untuned.....still.........Best time was a 10.2
Yes I know I shouldn't be doing this untuned....So lets not fill this thread up with OH EM GEE your gonna blow your motor...i know this...I'm an idiot.

This was my best run, Only lost to that Boosted eclipse by .2 seconds

This guys Tib. honda a honda prelude Type S badge on it and I wasn't happy. Should have been an easy win....but no....i dumped first.....BADD

And this was another bad 1st dump....time to go home before I embarrass myself again......I need more practice.
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