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Hey guys,

It's time I part with my 1992 Prelude Si 4WS with approx 205K miles that I've owned for over 10 years. Still is favorite car I have owned. I was planning to rebuild it from the ground-up but, as life has it, plans changed. I have 2 other cars that need my attention.

The bad:
-Has been sitting for 2 years
-No drivetrain
-No engine harness
-No front turn signals
-No headlights (will come with one ugly pass side JDM headlight)
-No wheels (it has saw blades on it right now and I want to keep them- you will need to provide your own)
-It's red so the paint is not in the greatest shape. Clearcoat is peeling and the roof is pink
-Driver's side caliper needs a rebuild. Sticking
-Windshield is cracked
-No exhaust
-Driver's side mirror is damaged and has a dent on the front door/quarter panel from a side-swipe.
-Honda rot is starting to occur on the rear wheel arches.
-The ABS pump I believe is starting to leak. I believe there is a common seal that fails in it that needs to be replaced.
-Needs a new front bumper

The good:
interior is in great shape and complete
Has TEIN Basic coilovers
Has Legend calipers
Has radiator

I would love to see someone rebuild it so it can be used again. I don't want to see it go to the junkyard. I really wish I didn't have to get rid of it but I have too many cars so this one has to go.

I am located near BWI airport. PM me if you're interested in it.

Whoever gets it will need to have it towed.


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