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Lubricating shift linkage?

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That's right. JLUDE is actually posting a topic asking a question about the 5th gen! What is the world coming to?!

I've lubed my shift linkage on top of the transmission but I was wondering if anyone has tried lubing the cables themselves with motorcycle cable lube or equivalent. Also can you lube the assembly directly under the shifter knob to help it smooth out a bit? After driving the civic for a while the lude feels very notchy and I think part if it is stiffness in the shifter cables, assembly themselves.

All advice, experience accepted on this.

- JL
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I asked this question when I got the used shifter linkage for my 5spd swap. The mechanic told me it wouldn't need to be. I looked at the cables myself and I don't really think it would help much.

I did notice though that I had to move the cables around a bit to get them in a better position under the hood after the swap to get it to shift smooth.

Not sure if you've done a 5spd swap or if your car is a stock 5spd, but maybe see if the cables need to be adjusted a bit?

Where the 2 eyelets are that connect onto the shifting assembly, those are lubed with white lithium grease. If you look at the picture, it goes eyelet then the sliding shaft, then the shaft that doesn't move. I had to replace my linkage and the new one had lube on the shaft that slides in and out. The first time you slide it in, most of the lube comes off, so its just a thin coating on there.
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Ive never done this but I hope this helps. Courtesy ALLDATA

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oh la la pictures saved ^
Smitty: You're sig is gorgeous! :spinface:
i have the same problem too. Let me know if the lube help smooth it out
Smitty: You're sig is gorgeous! :spinface:

thanks J. I'm already getting PMs inquiring about them. Lol - Still loving them 110%!
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