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My car got totaled before I had a chance to replace the rear lower ball joints. These ball joints can be used instead of replace the whole lower control arm (per a few threads on here). I cannot comment on what else these will fit as I did the research a while ago and have since forgotten the details. The ball joints came bagged separately and I opened one just to look at it. Never used or even taken outside of my house. I'm just cleaning out my Prelude stuff and trying to recoup a few bucks. Comes with everything pictured.

Part #04510-SL5-000
Original price: $45 + $11 shipping (damn you Magestic...)

My price: $40 shipped
I'll also throw in the following for free:
#12513-P30-000 ($5.51 value)
#30110-PA1-732 ($1.52 value)

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