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Hey Buddys!

I saw here are some with a JRSC around (really nice by the way) 'cause of that I have some questions . Maybe you would support me with this

- I wanted to replace my scratched and damaged jackshaft pulley on the long belt side but I don't now where to get it, anyone an idea?

- I wanted to make sure that my belt is aligned proper and I am not sure if everything of my JRSC parts are installed the right way (because i got it used and disassembled), could you tell me what the distances are between your pulleys and the belt drive bracket? (would be also really nice if I get some good photos of it)

- How tight do you tighten the long belt? because I am aware of shredding my bearings

- Do you have any tips for me what I should do?

Greetings and thank you in advantage from Germany

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