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So here's my story.

I got my first Honda in 2007 when I was 18. My grandparents gave me their 1991 Accord as a birthday / graduation present. After having my 91 Ranger around for a couple years, this thing felt like a Bentley to me. It was an SE model, too, which meant it came with black leather seats. I loved the car to death.

After a little while, the mod bug bit me, and I wanted to change some things to it. I got some wheels of a friend for $100, a red valve cover, a Pioneer head unit, and an AEM short ram intake.

This car always stayed clean, just because I am a clean freak, lol. I had alot of plans for it, too, including adjustable coilovers and an Apex'i WS2 exhaust, an H22 and a manual swap. The only thing I was lacking was money. And since I was just starting college and worked part-time, there wasn't much of it. But I did what I could to it.

November 22, 2007. Thanksgiving. I drove it up to my other grandparents house for Thanksgiving dinner. I was excited, because this was the first time I was able to drive anywhere on a holiday by myself. (Parents usually drove.)

Well, everyone left, and I followed my parents home in the Accord. We came to a stop light, and instead of following them, I decided to take my shortcut on one of my favorite backroads that I always took. Bad idea.

This was easily the worst night of my life. I cried that night.

Thank god that I came out of that with only a scratch. How? I dunno.... Something was definitely watching over me that night.

So after that, I went back to driving my Ranger that I used to drive. As crappy as this truck looked, this thing was damn dependable. The only problem I had out of it was that it sometimes had a rough idle, and that the spade connecter liked to come off the starter, lol. This thing was my baby, my first car (err... truck).

The reason I wanted to get something else was that the thing was dog slow. I did plan on boosting it, but I wanted something reliable. And I wanted something that had more space. And was faster. And had power locks. And ABS. And airbags. And AC. And power steering. Also, rust was eating the poor thing alive. I would have fixed it, but back to that whole money thing....

So I drove my Ranger for about two years. During this time, I was trying to find something else to drive. I wanted another Honda, because I wanted to finish what I started, in a way... I wanted another CB7, or an EM1 or a DC2, but I didn't want to have to worry about it being stolen everywhere I went. And everyone and their mom has one, and I wanted to be different. A friend suggested a Prelude, which I had thought about, but figured it was out of my price range. Sure enough, I found some that were cheap enough to give me hope.

So the search was on!

I saved up all my money for those two years, which really sucked. My goal was to have a car by Easter '09. Which didnt happen. I think the problem was I was trying to find something that didn't exist. I wanted a '99-01 black Prelude with under 100k miles for around 7,500.

So after looking at a couple 'ludes that I thought would have met the criteria, I said something about trying to find a BB6 on my Accord forum I was still on. And low and behold:

Previous Owner said:
I'm selling my prelude next month as I'm trying to buy a 07 STi limited. I owe some money on it, but its clean and has some tasteful mods with super low miles. Make me an offer. Maybe we can get things done within a week or so.
So after sleeping on it, I replied back that I would take it. I wanted a black or EBP lude, but silver was fine. So on June 2nd, 2009, my best friend and I made the 4 hour trip to New York.

And I came back with this:

(Sellers pics)

2000 Prelude base with 77,000 miles on it. And I got it for my 7,500. And it already had some things done to it that I planned on doing. Man, I was a happy camper. :colgate:

And that is where this story started.

-When I got it (June 2, 2009): Roughly 77k.
-As of August 18th, 2009: Almost 81K
-As of November 5th, 2009: 84,101
-As of December 12th, 2009: 85,400
-January 21st, 2010: Around 86,500
-As of April 28th, 2010: Around 89,300
-January 6th, 2011: Around 95,500
-January 2018: 140k (or something, new cluster is in KMs.)

Paint Color: B-91M a.k.a. Crystal Blue Metallic

-'JPRA' (aka me and friend made...) intake.
-Skunk2 Ver. 1 Intake Manifold
-Omnipower 68mm Throttle Body
-Solid Motor Mounts
-Password:JDM Carbon Fiber Spark Plug Cover
-Unknown Name Polished Spark Plug Cover
-4-1 Header (Possibly AN-R, still not positive)
-'JPRA' 3" Exhaust, w/ Vibrant Ultra Quiet Resonator, all V-Banded.
-A'pexi N1 Evo 'Turbo' Muffler
-'JPRA' 3" Straight-pipe Axle Back
-Mishimoto X-Line Civic Half Rad
-Mishimoto Civic Fan Shroud
-Mishimoto 170* Thermostat
-Cooling Shroud made by Wing8806 (Thanks again bud!)
-Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket
-Spoon Reservoir Tank Covers
-Apex'i WSII Exhaust (Not installed, but still have it...)
-Apex'i Megaphone Dunk Axle Back
-Fairly Wire Tucked
-Battery Relocation
-Fuse Box Relocated To Pass. Side Air Bag Should Be
-Mugen Radiator Cap
-OEM Chrome Oil Cap
-NRG Burnt Titanium Fender Washers
-P72 ECU w/ Hondata S300V1
-AEM X Series UEGO WideBand
-G35 Power Steering Cooler
-A/C Deleted

-Bisimoto 8.9lb Flywheel
-Exedy Stage 1 Clutch w/ Organic Disc
-PSPEC Short Shifter

-EBC 'RedStuff' Brake Pads Front and Rear
-EBC USR Slotted Rotors Front & Back
-Motul Brake Fluid
-GoodRidge Stainless Brake Lines
-Gold Painted Calipers
-ABS Deleted (using EM1 Proportioning Valve)

-Mugen Shift Knob
-SiR Bronze Gauge Rings
-S-Spec Gauge Cluster
-Integra Shift Boot Mod
-Fake Mugen Pedals (Were given to me)
-JDM Rear Ashtray
-JDM Cup Holder
-Domo Keychain.
-OEM USDM Rear Window Shade
-SH Rear Deck
-OEM Wood Grain Panel Kit
-SH Door Lights w/ EDM Red Lens
-Digital Climate Control
-Nardi Z5 Steering Wheel
-NRG Adapter
-NRG 2.5 Quick Release
-Dealer Leather Seats (Junkyard find, no less!)
-Spoon Rear View Mirror Glass Mounted on DC2 Mirror
-SRS Deleted
-Cruise Control Deleted
-Cruise Control Button Delete
-Security Light (From Acura TL)
-Autometer Water Temp, Oil Pressure and Volt Gauges
-JDM Pass. Side A-Pillar (Deletes 'Oh Shit' Handle)

-Stock Base Blades
-SSR DeColte GP-Theta 17x8/17x9 +47 F+R
-H&R Spacers (15mm Front/10mm Rear)
-Yokohama S-Drives

-Blackhoused TSX Retrofits
-Morimoto Ballasts, Relays, and 5500K HIDs
-Paintmatched (kind of) Fiberglass Eyelids
-Debadged 'PRELUDE' From Rear Bumper
-Debadged 'DOHC VTEC' from trunk
-S Spec Badge
-Mugen License Plate Bolts
-Full (Paint Matched) OEM Optional Lip Kit
-OEM Fog Lights w/ Luminics 'JDM Yellow' Bulbs
-Luminics 'JDM Yellow' H1 High Beams
-Power Folding Mirrors
-JDM Front Bumper Support
-OEM Hood Bra
-OEM Car Cover

-BC Type BR Coilovers, 10K fronts and 8K rears, and the extreme drop kit. :}
-Spoon Strut Bars Front & Rear
-EM Racing C-Pillar Bar
-Energy Suspension Polyurethane Bushings (All But Upper Control Arms)
-Progress Rear Sway Bar
-Innovative Traction Bar
-ZZW30 MRS Electric/Hydraulic Power Steering

-Kenwood KDC-X792 Headunit
-Memphis Street Reference 6.5 Components
-Memphis Street Reference 6x9

Fun Stuff that is waiting to be installed
-JDM Front Bumper
-JDM Fenders
-Clear DEPO Fender Markers
-All-In-Fab Top Mount Turbo Manifold
-Precision 6076E Turbo (Freshly Rebuilt)
-Tial 44mm Wastegate
-Tial BOV (forget model ATM)
-AEM Fuel Rail
-Precision '600hp' Intercooler
-Omni 4 Bar Map Sensor

Most Current Pics

So there you have it. That's how my journey started. Leave a comment!:wavey:

The rest of the story
(the rest of the thread, lol)

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Wow. That's pretty damn close to what I want it to look like, lol.

My last project I did:

Blackhousing the headlights...

Finished Product: :sigh:

Pic taken earlier this evening:

Part of the next update:

I also have a couple little stupid things on order...

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Looks good man! Love the drop. Thats the best mod you can do to these cars, they look so good with a drop, even with everything else stock. Keep us updated, Looks good

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u didnt need to take the bumper support off to do that...
but it looks good!

I know, I know... but I figured since I had everything apart, I'd try to realign the bumper. And I wanted to do it, just to do it. :colgate:

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Lil' update:

Debadged the 'Prelude' emblem off the bumper. Gonna do the 'dohc VTEC' one next...

When it was on life support while we were doing a compression test on it:

And one nice pic from when I had the car in the shop:

The battery box for when I decide to relocate the battery to the trunk:

And now some previous updates that I kinda didnt put up here: :oops:

JDM Cupholder, yO! lol.

Bam! No more spilling! :D

I also rerouted my iPod from my glove box to the center console.
USB cable coming through the bottom:

And then to the top:

And finally:

Carbon fiber spark plug cover! :boink: I wanted one of these forever! I need to trim it up a little, though.

New look of the motor:

Now I'm waiting for some strut tower bars to arrive :mrgreen: ...

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I got something in the mail today! Finally, after 2 and a half weeks of waiting. But your gonna have to wait to see what it is. :D

Took advantage of the great weather we had here today. (Partly cloudy, high about 65ish)

After wash and partial drying:

^Notice the lack of 'Prelude' on the bumper.

I wish I got some pics of the interior, because I cleaned that all up, too. And I havent put up any pics of the Domo key chain I have. Maybe Ill get some up later.

By the way, here is a teaser pic of what I got in the mail. I'll get them installed tomorrow, and then I'll throw some pics up. Til then!

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Holy cow, I really need to update this... so here it goes:

How it sits right now. Yes, on steel wheels. :p

Since the last update, I've gotten an OEM front lip (in black), Spoon strut tower braces, and some SH wheels, along with a couple little things here and there.

The Spoon strut tower braces:

With the front lip on:

That's really it for updates for now. Can't wait for spring!

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Thanks man! :mrgreen:

I've got a better pic of the rear bar from inside the car with everything put back together:

And the JDM Cupholder is definitely ftw!

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Just a quick little update:

The SH wheels are finally on, along with the exhaust and the front lip.

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